Z high up in a tree...

Kenny carrying R to bed....

The Z & R's room...

S's room but soon to be Z's room...

Went to bed WAY to late last night to post so here is yesterday's news.
Uncle Kenny came up for a visit and boy were the girls psyched! They absolutely adore him. Kenny is someone we have know for about 15 years! He is COVERED with the most gorgeous tattoos...you can see a bit of his arms while carrying R up to bed (he looks half asleep as well!). He's looking for a house in the Portsmouth/Rye area...somewhere where he can set up refuge Kennels for Pit Bulls (he trains and cares for them). C and I would be stoked if this were to happen!!!!
We skipped going to Apple Harvest Day and instead stayed home and climbed trees, rode bikes and hung around the house...I just didn't feel up to it this year! The girls didn't even notice so all the better. Ordered Chinese Food for dinner and everyone camped out in front of a movie while chowing...the girls loved this treat!
Today we're off to Newton to visit my Dad...it's his birthday today! We'll hit the 'wood' park which is this amazing playground you can literally get lost in (but in a good way). This will be my last hurrah for the week...I've really got to get working on making things for the craft fair. I am extremely nervous and feel overwhelmed and unprepared...HATE that!!
Okay...off to make the beds and vacuum...FUN!
Today's Sparklies:
  • Kenny came up for a visit.
  • S helped me make a homemade chocolate b'day cake for Pop.
  • Didn't have to make dinner :)
  • Got my labels in the mail...boy she worked fast!
  • Today was the perfect Fall day.


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