apples or children...

 sometimes waiting can be the best part of getting something you want.
the anitcipation
of the good,
the sweet,
the prize.

taking your time to get to that special place
where the treasure will be found...
looking this way and that
wondering if this one will be the best choice.

and when you've found what you're looking for
so beautiful,
and shining
waiting there just for you

you gently hold it until it's free in your hand
and you look at it,
this sweetness
is yours.


a guy...

i love a guy who doesn't lack self confidence.
a guy who will defy all odds and remove a 5lb bag of potatoes hidden on the counter.
a guy who in MY time of need pms will eat all the cupcakes he could possibly reach so i'm left with none.
a guy with such moxie,
a zip in his step,
a non discriminating bone in his body...barbie, pillow stuffing, dog mat, trash, lunch box, shoe, book, wii, cactus, CUPCAKES.
he enjoys them all...
quite equally in fact.
he's a guy we hate to love but love to hate.
he's our lil' guy and we're keepin' him.



i wish they'd stay this innocent forever...
when holding a bug isn't creepy 
and i'm their best friend.


dog on the kitchen table....wahhhhhh


i'm stoic.
i'm pensive.
i'm trying to decide how exactly to get from here to the counter so i can try those brownies.
mom says i can't sit on the kitchen table.
i pretend not to listen because frankly i dig it up here!
tonight's my first night of school.
mom thinks i'll be the class clown
i wonder why?


four is big...

on our way

we're here
a bit shy
mom forgot to cut my nails
feet firmly planted
sporting a little fancy

i call her 'nonnee', 'dude', 'ween bean'...
there are many more nicknames but you may not get my humor so i'll keep them private.
i was informed today by little miss sunshine
that i can call her stella now that she's a big girl.
she's all amped up
ready to walk up that long flight of stairs,
say goodbye to me at the door
and go on with her four year old self.
i deflate thinking it's going to be harder than that but it's not
and alas
i'm alone 
going down that long flight of stairs...