happy new year!
be safe!


ten things...

for 2010

1. be present
2. find the balance
3. let it go
4. breathe deep
5. show my love
6. create
7. go for it
8. dig ourselves out
9. believe
10. have hope

what are ten of your things?


just a little cuteness
on ice skates
a little hot cocoa
on this cold, cold night.
by ruby
age 6


it's over.
the chaos.
the pending deadlines.
the wrapping.
the excess baking, cooking, eating.
put on hold for at least 363 more days.
time to restart my engine.
set some goals.
make it happen.
time to dream big.


hope you had a merry day
i know we did
and now we're
the tree is down
and out by the wood pile for the birds to enjoy
i left them a little treat inside
hope you had a great day too!


since i had soooo much extra time on my hands
i decided to join the girls for a little
it was just the diversion i needed to
get my head in the right place.
but now i'm back home and once again
i'm here...
avoiding it all!
it'll get done!
can't wait to reeeelllllaaaaxxxxxx.


in anticipation for the big guy in red
we made some of these
too bad they won't last past sundown
soooo good!

soft and chewy molasses cookies


2 cups of flour
1 1/2 t baking soda
1 t ground cinnamon
1/2 t nutmeg
1/2 t salt
1 cup of sugar
1 1/2 sticks of unsalted butter
1 large egg
1/4 c black strap molasses

with an electric mixer combine softened (i melt it) butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
beat in egg, then molasses. add the rest of dry ingredients until dough forms.
in shallow bowl put 1/2 cup sugar for dusting.
roll dough into small balls and coat with the sugar.
place on pan and bake for approx 11 min until top cracks.
do one pan at a time for even baking.

mmmmmm....adapted from the queen herself aka martha


i'm not going to lie
i'm avoiding it
all of it
like if i just ignore it
it'll go away
but it's creeping up
and quick
i've never felt this out of control
can't breathe
ashamed that i can't keep it together
do it all
have it perfect
want to live in the moment
but frozen


my nose is to the grindstone
lists running through my head
to do
to clean
to cook
to make
don't want to forget anyone

lost in my thoughts
and then the mailman came
i love the mailman
especially when the only thing he brings
are chistmas cards and treats
and today i was quite surprised

to get a little something
from one of my favorite artists
as a thank you
yes, a thank you
how many people do that???

she sent one of my most favorite things in the world
never met a flying heart i didn't love
it's perfect
and made my day
thank you dear carissa!



our first snow fall brought smiles
and the stomach bug...

which was realized after our trip to our favorite clam shack in kittery :(
i was the first lucky recipient!
then zoe
then ruby
we're still waiting to see who's next...
there's still time ;)

luckily this guy arrived from the north pole in time to cheer us up.
his name is jake.
this will be our first year with this fun tradition.
so glad carissa clued me in!
so fun!

and now a little insight to my lack of sanity.
see these little guys up there?
all 6000 of them ended up on the floor.
and since my vacuum decided today would be a GREAT day to get clogged
i had to pick them up by HAND.
obviously these were invented by some hideous genius
who thought it'd be a great idea to make something SO stupid.
they've been 86'd from our house as of now.


Align Left
time to get into the christmas spirit darn it!
i pledge from this day foward to be cheerful...no more bah hum bug.
i'm going to listen to christmas music and try like the dickens to like it!
i'm going to get out the cookie recipes that i reserve for just this time of year.
i refuse to bake them any other time even though they are SO good!
do you have recipes like that?
i'm going to take a deep breath and exhale....
my mantra will be 'i can do this, it will get done'.
i'm going to plan a delish christmas dinner...
spinach souffle will be one the menu...fo sho!
i'm going to shop here.
i'm going to oil up lil' miss sewing machine and get her crafting.
i'm not going to worry about the dog hair.
the laundry.
the dirty floors.
the, the, the....
diving in.



i should totally be doing laundry,
making dinner,
packing up the girls swim and yoga bags,
making gifts,
shopping online...
but the cranberries were looking at me with such longing.
they wanted to play with some brown sugar and almond extract.
so we played and boy does my house smell delish!

i always double all my baking recipes so i can freeze some for later :)
half this if you want.


8T unsalted butter melted
4c all purpose flour
2c brown sugar
3t baking powder
1t baking soda
2t salt
2 eggs
1 1/2 c milk
2 bags of cranberries
1 1/2 t pure almond extract

combine all ingredients except for the berries...fold those in once everything is well mixed. pour into buttered/floured bread pans...i made three. cook for about 1 hr and 15min until knife comes out clean.

bon appetite!


the holiday parade.
you know what that means?
that big guy in red is expected at our house in a few short weeks.
i haven't bought ANY gifts.
not one.
worst part?
i've got no ideas...zip, zero, zilch.
panic is starting to set in....


high school

holy moly i'm old.
can it really be 20 years since i graduated high school?
tonight's my 20th reunion!
i'm too chicken to go.
i get a stomach ache just thinking about it.
teenage angst washes over me like i'm that girl again.
i'll be thinking of old friends while having dinner with my old bff.
we haven't seen each other in about....yup, 20 years.
we thought it'd be fun to celebrate together.
i'll be toting along our old year book.
i'm bracing myself for lots and lots of laughs!


stella went to her first 'friend' birthday party saturday.
i hate to admit
i was kinda nervous!
she can be so clingy
i thought for sure we'd last only twenty minutes out of the three hours.
she LOVED it!!!

it was an awesome party.
they got to wear their pj's :)

there was music...real music...with a piano!

and these AWESOME chairs i fell in love with and obsessed over.
orange and green.

there was this AMAZING face painter.
she didn't just do hearts and smiley faces.
she did GORGEOUS, gorgeous designs.

stella chose a kitty...
the simplest of all the designs.
i think she just didn't want to sit there ;)

then there was a puppet show.
HUGE puppets handmade by a local artist.
she was SO funny!
the kids couldn't take their eyes off her.

a happy girl.

'are ya watching me mom?'

man, i NEED those chairs!
all fifty of them ;)


I can't believe November is done.
Two more weeks but in my time...
That's done.
My head is spinning with all there is to do.
Excited to bake.
Make gifts.
How's it all going to get done?
What if I can't do it all?
The little voice inside my head says it's going to be ok.
On your marks...
get set...
No time to waste.


I wish I could freeze this moment in time.
When a muffin tastes as good as a rainbow.
When seeing the same Curious George over and over again never grows old.
When eating mac n' cheese is the best lunch ever.
When jumping in wet leaves feels great.
When the motion of a swing going back and forth doesn't make you sick.
For it's fleeting and happens quick.
Growing up.