I'm feeling full of hope today...I just know something BIG is going to happen for us someday soon...I can feel it!
Things have been great in the shop...I've been having a couple sales a week and am up to 71 hearts (that means I have some fans out there...thanks!).
I just won my choice from this shop by entering into this giveaway! I can't believe it since I NEVER, ever, EVER win anything! Joy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! You are the best Mom in the whole world and an inspiration to each of your darling daughters :)
Off to make banana bread before heading to the school for some fun time!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that business is doing well!

I love that sign. I have a photo of a big yellow signboard on a business that says, "Your direction in life is more important than your speed." I have it on my fridge and have for 10 years.

Let me know when the "something big" happens!

Oh, and hey-- as a mom of girls, I'm interested in knowing what you have to say about today's post of mine.



(You do always know that it's me commenting with the typepad id, right?)

Kristen said...

Great things will happen. They are happening...WAY TO GO i love plum.
Lotsa Love!