day 30

had to add the recipe
to this 365 shot
yes, it's that good
the girls agree.

in one pot
2 c quinoa
4 c h2o
1 t 'better than bouillon' organic chicken base
cook as directed on box
(come to a boil and simmer for approx 15min covered)

heat large pan for stir-fry
add a little olive oil (or you could use sesame oil...i wasn't in the mood)
we used
4 garlic cloves diced
5 carrots
4 stocks of celery
1 head of collard greens
leftover pan roasted beets
2 c broccoli
1 T black sesame seeds
approx 2 T liquid aminos (way better than soy and good for you)

cook until veggies are bright colors....over cooking=bad :(

season to your liking!

*** edited to let you know the new name for quinoa is 'eyeballs'...name courstesy of zoe, ruby and stella.


day 28

crayola magic

i was nervous to try this
i don't like messes
i have enough messes
without adding more to the messiness
get me?
but they are sooo pretty!
i first saw them done here
and then over here
the latter in which i fell in love.
so i let the kids grate the crayons
it took sooo long.
my impatience got the best of me
so i grabbed the hammer and a ziploc bag and did the rest
even smashed them with the wrappers on
(you just pull them out after).
much easier
and less messy :)
go do it!


day 25


this lil' gal is sick today
napping and watching angelina ballerina
about all she wants to do.
the rain is strong
the temperature oddly warm
a good day to hunker down and do nothing.
quiche for dinner
and an arugula salad.
sounds about right.
have a good one!


and just for fun,,,

step away from the computer
get off picnik
go get ready for work
fold one more load of laundry
check on the pea soup that's probably boiling over
check movie times for craig
let the dog out
eat something
i literally could sit her all day
but that lil' list above is telling my butt
to get off the chair
and move
and so
on that note
peace out
see ya tomorrow!

day 23

ruby felt left out of our library trip
so we shot over there after school thursday
so she could have a turn
we stopped for a quick snack
at the fig tree
how cute this lil' cafe is!
located in the rollinsford mills
highly recommend their
oatmeal cookies


day 21

she does...

i'm folding laundry.
the house is quiet.
where's stella?
in her big sisters bedroom
dancing on a pink 'stage'
because she can.


day 20

just a lil' something...

i made.
been awhile.
i want to so badly get back into making cuties
and i will!
i'm just not going to put myself under any pressure
then maybe it'll get done because then it'll be fun.
pressure = no fun
no pressure = fun
busy, busy, busy.
i'm off to clean the playroom
get rid of MORE stuff.
figure out what the heck we're going to do in there.
peace out!


day 14

i remember sitting for hours when i was a kid
reading the day away.
we made a quick stop at the library
this afternoon.
i heard stella read brown bear brown bear
10,000 times
it was great
especially when each time she said 'mom, watch'
not 'mom, listen' ;)
she HAD to check it out
even though we own at least five copies...
golly gee.



it's a half day for the kids today
which means i get half of the stuff i normally get done, done

i was loving the red
i saw everywhere on this cold january day
found those cute red hearts at my fave shop
my grandmothers red suitcase
that was hidden away in my basement
happy now that she's found a place amongst the action
wii stuff inside
and the red coca~cola goodness that holds
well, stuff

prayers for haiti please


day 11

elephant ears

if you want to be fancy
if you're feeling lovey dovey

this is the recipe where i say
'omg! i can't believe i've never made these before'

1 1/2 c sugar
2 sheets pepperidge farms puff pastry, defrosted

i defrosted my dough overnight in the fridge so it was still cold enough to work with
take about 1/2 c of sugar and spread on counter/cutting board/whatever
lay out one sheet over the sugar
take another 1/2 cup of sugar and evenly sprinkle on top of dough
use your rolling pin to iron out the sugar onto the dough
(you're not really trying to flatten the dough)
fold each end towards the center two times
than close like a book
you'll end up with six layers
cut 1/2" slices
lay out on parchment lined pans like above
bake each side until golden
repeat with second sheet
you won't need anymore sugar on the counter
just an extra 1/2 cup to sprinkle



so i'm at work last night
i see my phone 'blowing up'
and i quickly check
(good golly i hope you're not reading this edson ;)
i nearly drop the darn thing i was laughing so hard
i felt a wee sense of pride

i imagine there were some issues at the dinner table
last night while i was at work
my guess is zoe got sent to her room
and she felt compelled to write her dad an email

she is SO my girl

* i was granted permission from the author to post her correspondence

hi Daddy i love you. at dinner i was telling you to stop talking with your mouth open...sorry that i did that but you were being rude and when my friends ever come to our house to sleepover and you talk with your mouth open they might think that is Gross.

love zoe

Ok I understand but maybe u could b nicer when u tell me next time
love dad

OK I will be a little nicer. but if I be nicer you have to be a little more polite at the dinner table OK.

love zoe

can you believe a nine year old wrote this??

day 10


day 8

museum stills

part two
of the museum shots
can i just say