I missed posting yesterday so scuse' the tardiness :)
We went for a quick apple picking trip to my favorite farm, Butternut! Glad we made it there because from the sounds of things this could be their last weekend for the year! Yikes, time sure has flown!

R was pooped and couldn't wait to get into her cozies after a warm tub...one of the rare photos she's actually cooperating in. S has taken a shining to those rain boots she's got on. Yesterday she wanted them by her head while she was napping and wore them after her tubby (naked)...you got to hand it to her, she knows a good thing when she sees one...these are some of my faves handed down from Z.

R took that pic of me while I'm sewing...she actually did a good job centering and I like that I'm not looking at the camera :)

Some new cuteness for the shop...the bunny one is obviously so simple but oh so cute! It will go in cheap, cheap, cheap!! I had been waiting for that skull fabric for sometime and it was SO worth the wait...I LOVE it!

Okay, I've got to think about din din and perhaps bake a little something...I'm always in the mood to cook when it's cold outside and there's a fire burning...so cozy!


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