Fire chief R after school yesterday...

I really need to pack up my 'office' so I can focus on how I'm going to set up my table for the craft fair Saturday. Every time I think I've done my last tee until after the fair, I come up with just one more I want to do. I was really hoping I'd get some really fun fabrics I had ordered from Japan in but that didn't happen...oh well! Gosh, I hope they don't come tomorrow otherwise I'll really want to keep playing :)

I've got something else up my sleeve for other 'i love plum' designs but will have to wait until those supplies arrive...I can't wait!!! Sorry, but you'll have to be kept in the dark until a later date...suspense, it's good for you!

Today's Sparklies:

  • The weather is unseasonably warm and it's GREAT!
  • It's going to be gorgeous Friday - Monday which is extra great since the girls don't have school until Tuesday.
  • I'm ordering Pizza for dinner tonight!
  • There's lots of chocolate in my house right now :)


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