I took Ruby and Stella for an impromptu visit to The Children's Museum this afternoon. I so love that they are just a few minutes away!
So, I haven't been posting regularly lately and there is a very, VERY good reason for it! My computer had/has a virus that I am going crazy in trying to rid it of. I know deep in my heart that a: we either need a new computer...or b: I need to give it up to the experts and be without it for a few days!!!! I just can't do it!!! I attribute this virus with my moodiness lately...DEFINITELY!!! So. We've lost documents. My email system has changed (for the worse COMCAST, for the worse). I can't seem to get my photo program to work...the whole thing is just a mess so please excuse my absence if you were missing me :)
Tomorrow is Halloween in our town/state...why? don't know...it's silly! So we'll be off Trick or Treating till the wee hours (of 8pm) with friends but I'll try and post some pix of the ladies :)
  • We carved our pumpkins tonight and they look really sweet.
  • Made THE best coffee cake muffins this morning with Stella...Maybe I'll post the recipe.
  • Talked to Andrea for a bit today...she's just a solid good friend and I do love her and her crazy life...she always makes me laugh.
  • My sister is flying in from Telluride tomorrow!!!!



Kristen said...

Pea's In a Pod...My sister lives near Aspen. I absolutely love Colorado. But, it's apparently everyone's love. I can't roll with the billionaire's...unless they need housekeeping. And that's not my strength either. LOL

Anonymous said...

I totally noticed your absence.

And you should switch to gmail. It rocks.