back to school...

back to school.
they were nervous
but good nervous.
i told them the minute they find their desks they'd be all better.
it happened sooner than that.
as soon as they stepped onto the playground they were surrounded by friends -
measuring each other to see how tall they'd gotten over the summer.
all the butterflies went away.
they are lucky...
their school is like a big hug
warm, comforting, safe.
they were all smiles this afternoon when i picked them up too.
it was a great first day back.


mischief named lucky...

boy am i pooped.
i had a blast chewing up the handmade pillows mom made
she left them right there on the couch for me...so nice of her
i am onnnnnne lucky guy let me tell you!
ha ha get it?
  that's me!
i also enjoyed the grill cover
that was fun
the screen to the slider?
super duper times
spider plant?
that thing was creepin' me out
wrapping paper?
i wonder what mom's gonna let me play with tomorrow!
can't wait

when 9 becomes 10...

ten years
a decade
it happens fast
faster than you'd think,
faster than you'd like
 you can't stop it.
each second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year
you've enriched our lives 
and made us better.
you continue to be a thoughtful,
deep, connected, authentic young lady
who is on a good path that can lead you anywhere
the choice is yours!
to my first baby,
i love you doll,
happy birthday!!!


a dress...

catching each exhale of breath
to be worn 


bye dad...

dear dad,
you forgot me this morning.

i know you had a lot on your mind
and it was an oversight,
i certainly forgive you because you.are.da.man!
maybe you're a little annoyed that i ate an entire bag of trader joes trail mix with dried cranberries
on our way home from the cape last night and 
 got a little sick on your lap just ten miles from home.

 i really love you dad
and want to ride in the big boy truck
don't forget me tomorrow...


sweet melissa...

my baby sister graduated this weekend 
from goddard college in beautiful vermont.
words can't describe this amazing girl
her beauty resonates from the inside out,
her presence always complete and 'there'
her words are healing,
her touch is healing,
she is very real
someone i, as her oldest sister 
learns from every day
trying myself to be more real
it's not easy remaining true to oneself 
but she does
and does it with both beauty and a rawness that can only be considered
i love you sa sa!



i'm beautiful!
mommy cut my hair with the huge orange scissors that she also uses when she wraps presents,
cuts flowers,
does crafts with...
i saw her cut zoe and ruby's hair with them so i thought, why not?
i am pleasantly surprised to find she's got some serious talent with those scissors
that i'm sure are dull, damaged, and i know have dried paint on
  i know she's got fancy pink ones and i did ask her why she can't use those...
after all pink IS my favorite color
those are for fabric ONLY she said...


well hello there!

a week gone by
no posts
no phone calls
nose to the grindstone.
the girls had yoga camp which was 45 minutes away but only 3.5hrs long
so i spent my mornings driving to and fro and back again in the afternoon
it was tough but totally worth it.
stella was a trooper and was treated to lots of baked goods :)
august is now here
the summer halfway over
we've eaten lots of corn,
been to the beach,
teased some bats,
became ice cream connoisseurs,
read some good books,
picked strawberries,
and more.
got a puppy
(who is driving us mad),
enjoyed our friends,
brushed up on some schoolwork,
did lots of crafts,
saw lots of movies,
camped out in the playroom,
blew bubbles,
stared at the stars,
saw many a sunset...
what's left?
head over to my other blog to see some fun pix!