Done and done.
I ask you what's the point of the night feature on a camera???
Cause it NEVER works!
Caught just a couple of shots worthy of any attention.
But take my word for it...they sure looked cute!
You'll notice Stella is a ladybug this time.
Three different costumes she went through this Halloween!!!
We went to our friends house for a little BBQ and some laughs...
Sharing Pumpkin Ale and other goodies.
Zoe had that wig off before she hit the first house.
Ruby too.
Ready for the Holiday rush?
Cause here it comes.
Starting now!


We're just being lazy.
Killing time until we pick up the girls from school.
Trick-or-treat is just around the corner and little bit can't wait!
Happy Halloween!

The leaves lay punished,
unorganized, tattered, damp
resting after a fierce wind
who's race it was to win
before the next breath exhaled.



It's so hard to look at yourself.
Really look deep inside at you.
Try and ignore.
Become a different you.
Who is who?
Like someone else.
An actress, an actor.
A tough exorcise and will require strength.
To push away what you don't want to see.
Celebrate the good.
Be proud.
And be.


Keeping in true Halloween tradition Stella decided at the last minute not to wear her Unicorn costume she just had to have.
So I tore around the house counting down the seconds that would make us late for her preschool party.
Thankfully our dress-up collection isn't lacking and I was able to pull something together quick.
Little doll.


I think when you're little you look forward to Halloween almost as much as Christmas.
I'm not a big fan.
Yes, seeing the kids dressed up is cute.
That is once they've finally decided what they want to be.
Always changing their minds ten minutes before we head out to trick or treat.
It's a hassle.
98% of the time rainy.
At least it's only once a year ;O
It was time to retire their old trick or treat bags.
I had contemplated buying them new ones but remembered I had some canvas bags kicking around.
Cute, right?
The tag says 'tricky' :)
Off to make some mashed potatoes, prepare a chicken for roasting (God that sounds awful...and it is), and put the frozen peas in a viewable spot in the freezer.
I'll be working tonight and want the fam to have a good din din without me :)
Later Taters!



So easy.
Everyone loves em'
Go make them.

makes 12
preheat oven to 425

1 1/2 T unsalted butter, melted
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 t kosher salt
3 extra-large eggs (I never have extra large so I use 4 large)
1 1/2 cups whole milk room temp (I don't use whole I use 2% plus 1/2 & 1/2)

Recipe calls for popover pans or custard cups...I have neither. Instead I use a muffin tin. While preheating the oven stick the muffin tin in too for a couple of minutes. Once it's good and hot take it out and butter it with a solid stick...sooo much easier than any other way! Whisk all the ingredients together until smooth. Mixture will be thin. Fill the muffin tin. Bake for exactly 30 minutes and no peeking!!!!

Serve hot with extra butter (of course!)

What are the odds we'll have this awesome weather for Trick or Treat night?
I'm guessing not great.
We hung out at the school for about an hour this afternoon.
Coats off.
The sun hugging us tight.



I took the girls to see 'Witches' this afternoon at our local playhouse.
It was soooo good!
Then we headed over to the old graveyard nearby.
What a gorgeous place!
Does that sound weird?
The girls were intrigued to say the least.
Zoe was blessing the stones and gave each a soft pat on the top.
She said she was whispering magic to their souls.
How sweet.
She's got a strong, soulful spirit like no other.
Ruby loved the different pictures on each stone.
I think she liked the scarier looking ones :)
Stella was making leaf bouquets and running from tree to tree.
A great little afternoon we had!
Hope you had a good one too!


I think I can, I think I can...

I don't know why but none of our girls could ever grasp how to peddle their tricycle!
I remember zooming around for hours on mine when I was little.
We'd make chalk roads, bridges to go over, gas stations.
Hours spent riding around and around.
Zoe and Ruby have accomplished learning to ride on their two wheelers and I think little Miss was starting to feel left out.
We went out for a bit yesterday and she tried like crazy.
Started out rough.
But after a few minutes of really, really trying...
So proud of herself she was!



I did it!
A party hat for the snow!
Who wouldn't want one?
I think I can do it again and again!
This time I'll make it so it'll fit one of the girls.
This one was supposed to but I ahem, oops!
So this one I'll sell :)
It'll fit a baby with an approx 17" head.
You can find it here if you'd like it.

I'm going to be taking down most of my shop and will list new things as I make them. They'll be one of a kind and in the size listed. I'm going to try and avoid doing the same design over and over again in different sizes...too boring for me!
Soon, soon, soon you'll be seeing a whole new blog makeover and I can't wait!
I need a change.
I've been in a slump.
This fab designer is going to help give me the boost I need.
Can't wait!

Yesterday I got an email from my General Manager at work. All it said was 'Great job last night superstar!'.
He made my whole day and it made me realize how lucky I am to work in such a positive, professional, top-notch company. Yeah!
Uggg. The holidays are just around the corner and I'm not ready for any of it. I already feel pulled in every direction and it's not even November yet! Oyyyy.
I've got orders to fill and laundry to do.
All of which could have been done instead my lil' party hat.
Oh well!


Pumpkins...orange, green, yellow

Getting the hairy eyeball...


Most kids pick the biggest...Stella picked the baby.

Her pumpkin friends...


See? Tiny.



Da boot.

A perfect day for a trip to the pumpkin patch.
Beautiful 60 degrees.
A perfect day for a birthday.
Happy birthday Mom...I love you with all my heart.