day 9/365/2011

feet firmly planted
in shoes too big to walk
will fill those big shoes and run
and run and run...

day 8/365/2011

yeah, yeah, yeah
i'm late, i know.
that's what happens when mama is workin a lot!
this was taken yesterday the 18th!


day 7/365/2011

a day late due to work
taken yesterday at l'andana


day 5/365/2011

waiting patiently for the cookies to be done...


day 3/365/2011

8 cups winter fresh snow
1 can delish sweet condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

day 2/365/2011

this should have been posted yesterday as it was taken yesterday!
i got home WAY too late from work!
pretty boring pic...my drive from NH to MA


day 1/365/2011

it's been foreVah!
anyone still out there?
i'm going to attempt
to redeem my failed project 365/2010
and start fresh!
i've been neglecting all things creative lately including my blog
so i thought the least i could do is pull my camera out and get movin'!