feeling loved...

Random acts of kindness and love DO happen.
A girlfriend of mine and BIG fan of my shop found this super cute tee shirt and sent me one totally out of the blue.
I'm so touched by her thoughtfulness it really did make me tear up...so sensitive, I know!
I'm just loving her love :)
If you haven't yet checked out this shop do it now...SUCH cute stuff!
So, I've been on the bar since Tuesday.
Last night was my last training shift and tonight I can start bringing home some dough.
I'm really loving it there and had some great surprise visitors last night!
It really is like riding a bike...I haven't forgotten a thing...phew!
Hope you all have a great weekend and if you're local...come see me!
My shifts will be Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and one Sunday a month.



My first day went well!
The drive down was peaceful and I made it there in an hour.
I worked with a great girl named Shannon...so glad I got to train with her!
I'm going back tonight for round two.
I have to say...it's HARD getting back into the groove after not pouring a drink for six years!
I'm the type that just has to be thrown into things to learn the ropes so I'm hoping tonight that will happen.



hippo...in the shop!

Shaken or stirred?

Woke up soooo early this morning filled with nervous energy.
I haven't stepped behind a bar in over 6 years!
Prior to having Ruby this was my career.
I LIVED in clubs and restaurants most of my adult life.
Can you picture that?
Do I seem the type?
One thing's for sure...I'll have S.T.O.R.I.E.S to tell...oh yes I will!
I often think I should have started a journal while being behind the bar all those years...definitely would make for an interesting read!
I'm hoping I'm received with open arms (I hate being the new girl).
I hope on my first day I don't break a glass in the ice (that's every bartenders WORST nightmare).
I hope pouring a drink is like riding a bike...you never forget.
I hope someone doesn't order one of those drinks a bartender only hears once in a lifetime.
I hope my feet don't kill at the end of the night.
I hope Sia, Regina Spektor, Ray Lamontagne and Dave are good friends to me both to and from work.
I hope I don't miss my kids too much.
One thing is for certain...I can't wait!



I couldn't say no when we passed this booth!
Had to (yes had to) go to the Mall today.
I was dreading it thinking for sure it'd be an absolute nightmare!
But, you know what?
The girls were great and helpful!


How cool is it to actually SEE my little designs on someone???
SO cool!
This Cora project has really spread beyond belief.
The power of the close knit blogger and etsy community is AMAZING!
I'm still trying to play catch up...so sorry!
I never expected a response like the one I'm getting!
I know, nothing new in the shop...I'm trying!
I'll be back later today...Just wanted to 'show-off' how great my little tee looks on this adorable girlie :)
Who by the way is the daughter of this incredibly talented designer...omg, her stuff is gorgeous!


Things are about....

to change around here a bit!
Mama is going back to work and this is where I'll be!
I'll be working two maybe three shifts a week...It will definitely be a change but I think a welcome one. The extra money will be nothing to sneeze at and the restaurant is top notch (my cup of tea)...Sorry, but I'm not the run of the mill chain restaurant kind of gal...I need a little glitz and this place is GORGEOUS! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I'm hoping I can keep up with everything on the home front and that nothing with my shop will suffer. I'll give it my all...is there any other way?
I'm very familiar with the way this restaurant is run as I have worked for and with it's owner for years before having Ruby. The amount of professionalism and pride that his venues boast is five star. So many good things.
I've still got Cora goodies in my shop and almost done with this weekends round of orders...thanks so much for being patient!
I'm still not feeling that great...What is going on??? I mean the stomach bug thing has got to end, right? I'm still nauseous much of the day and have little appetite! NO, I'm not preggers...geesh!
OK. Off to hang with the Man...The girls are already asleep!!!



Got one of my most important things on my 'to do' list done today...

Cupcakes...you bet!

A cute pillow...ahhhh.

A custom order for 'Mrs Britches'...

Another custom order for 'Helen A. Handbasket' LOL! Don't you just love her 'name'?

And while I know it's not an original idea...another custom request for Miss Helen :)
Let me just say...I LOVE doing custom orders!!! In fact I'm going to go put it in my announcements on etsy! I don't know why it makes me so happy to do them but it does!!!
I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already!!!
The kids will officially be on vacation until MARCH!!!
I'm definitely going to be due to get my hair colored after the week is over... that is if I have any left ;)

Let's see...

I've got loads to do today.
I'm still getting caught up from all the (ewwwwwww) laundry I've had to do due to all the yakking going on around here.
The Cora orders keep piling in...so great!
I've set a little $ donation goal and I think I'm going to reach it!!!
Thanks to all you lovely customers out there...LOVE YOU!
I'm making chicken cutlets for dinner...Craig's FAVE...poor guy's been getting a little neglected lately...thought his most coveted meal might help a little :)
I've got pillows on my mind so I'm hoping to get at least ONE made today to go on my bed.
I've got a million ideas for goods for the shop...after Friday I should be all caught up with all current orders so do stay tuned!
I have an interview on Saturday for a bartending position by the owners of my most favorite restaurant and pre-baby employers!
We're SO making cupcakes today...Ruby and Stella will decorate.
The social butterfly aka Zoe has a play date.
LoOk what I got in the mail today!

I won these from a giveaway from this cute blog...I'm blown away by their shop!

And...you KNOW how much fabric makes me happy...so, SO happy!

Have a great day!


I've had...

my head in one of these since yesterday afternoon.
Daddy got it the night before and lucky me got it mid-day yesterday.
I picked Zoe up from school and we headed to Wally world.
I started feeling icky the minute we pulled into the lot (nothing unusual there...I hate Wally!)
I think after breathing the nasty odors that permeate throughout that place is what did me in.
We quickly checked out and made it to the car just in time.
Luckily I keep a supply of plastic bags in my console :)
It all went downhill from there...
I'm feeling a bit better this morning but nowhere near where I need to be to be Supermom.

Do you like our Swarovski toilet bowl ;)



I made it into another Treasury...how cool is that?
Saddly, I couldn't get the entire page to copy so my little monkey is missing the bottom part of his shamrock...oh well!
Thanks Tammy!


Today's the big launch of all the amazing Etsy sellers who are dedicating their hearts and souls to helping build Cora's Playground.
Don't cha just feel like shopping?
Go here and get busy then!
Just think you'll be getting something handmade while helping make this dream a reality!
How cool is that?
I have to admit I'm almost out of my Cora tees but have no fear...I'll be listing some new things today!



Stand By Me.
Pie eating contest.
What follows after the pie eating contest?
Yep, the barf-O-rama.
Know what we've been up to our eyeballs in?
Yep, barf.
Our plans for a burger and movie went out the window at about 3pm yesterday afternoon.
Ruby started her fun filled evening with el'yucko.
Then Zoe.
Then Stella.
My house smells like gaggggggg.
I've got enough laundry to kill our water supply.
Who's next?
My money's on moi but could be the Daddy.
To keep my sanity somewhat in tact I made a little/big something for our family room.
I just love it!

My favorite part is the little doggie :)

I'm almost caught up with all the Cora orders...I can't even believe how many I've sold...I'm so excited!
I'll be working on some new things for my shop today so keep your eyes out!



Valentine goodies for the girlies...

Can you see what's in there?

Beautiful sky last night...very Valentine-ish


Friends :)

Would ya look at the tongue action?



This is big!

Wow, wow, wow!
Denise over at this cute little blog was able to make a Treasury of Cora goodies and look...I'm on the top right!
In order to make it to the front page which is a HUGE deal we need a ton o' comments left on this thread!!!
Please just take a minute and pop by...pretty please?

For Cora...

I've got some cuties waiting in the wings to get sewn all for Miss Cora!
100% of sales made from my Cora designs will go towards helping build her special playground.
Click the pink button on my sidebar to see all the shops participating!


I'll be back later to post more goodies...taking the little ones out for a bit!



Look who started out in her OWN bed last night!
It only lasted until about 11pm and then she woke up crying with a barking cough, proceeding then to puke all over her lovely sheets. Poor bugger ended up back in bed with moi...hey, it's a start!
A lovely treat from my Mom.
Oddly enough it was packaged with Orajel for my bleeping tooth ache.
You don't think sweets have anything to do with my bum tooth, do you?
A little Candy Land fun.
I won three out of four...what? Is it bad that I'm that competitive?

You know what's going in there, right?


The girls did a lovely job decorating, no?


Don't forget...you can help contribute to the Cora Paige Playground fund by clicking on the cute pink little button on my side bar...over on the left. It will link you directly to all the Cora Paige goodies all of us Etsians are selling!




lovely degrees today!
You're such a tease Mother Nature as I know a snow storm is due in a few days but we sure do appreciate you're being extra kind to us today!
The little ones couldn't wait to dust off their bikes and go for a ride.
I'm helping Stella off to a good start...

Helloooo, we see you up there and boy could we hear you sing!

Trying with all her might to peddle by herself...she almost gets it :)

Bye Ruby-doo...I think we need to raise her seat!

One rule I remember when I was a kid...never go around the puddle, you go right through!

What's that?
Ruby looks like she's actually posing for this pic...in reality it was my quick reflexes.


My snow angel :)

This one's for Cora...

Sweet little Cora touched my heart as she did countless others.

You can help contribute to the Cora Paige Fund by purchasing a Limited Edition Cora Paige tee made by me :)

All proceeds from the sales of this design will go directly to helping build the Cora Paige Playground at Grace Community Church in Newton, Kansas.

To read more of her story visit: http://themcclenahans.blogspot.com/

To learn more about Cora's Playground visit: http://corapaige.blogspot.com/



Bits from my day...

Woke up this morning and found out that I was the winner of a fabulous giveaway from one of my new favorite blog reads!
I won a mini shopping spree at this adorable etsy shop...how exciting!
I wasn't all that productive today but there's always tomorrow!
Here are the girls...
Zo-bug doing her homework...gosh, it's like pulling teeth!

Please take note of the baby's potty :)

Making sure her baby has a good cuddle...hey they're 'gooky' twins!

A little something for me from my man from one of my favorite etsy shops :)

Made this for a little order :)

and this too :)

And lastly for your viewing pleasure :)