Boy was it cold and windy today! It was the perfect kind of day to hunker down and make treats!
Got these done for a custom order....

and sent them off like this...

There was lots of play-doh out today which as you may know makes me all kinds of C.r.A.z.Y! BUT, it was a must do in order to get things done. I also allowed markers to be used and not just regular markers (because those don't last long in this house) but permanent markers which just goes to prove my theory that play-doh makes me C.r.A.z.Y!
It's time to make dinner and I have no clue what that may be...ideas anyone?

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Kristen said...

I see the cute monkey that I love! Your talent is amazing! Do you think that ever mom out there cringes at the thought of play dough? I had to laugh as I was reading because I completely understand. It's a bugger to get out of carpet.