the holiday parade.
you know what that means?
that big guy in red is expected at our house in a few short weeks.
i haven't bought ANY gifts.
not one.
worst part?
i've got no ideas...zip, zero, zilch.
panic is starting to set in....


high school

holy moly i'm old.
can it really be 20 years since i graduated high school?
tonight's my 20th reunion!
i'm too chicken to go.
i get a stomach ache just thinking about it.
teenage angst washes over me like i'm that girl again.
i'll be thinking of old friends while having dinner with my old bff.
we haven't seen each other in about....yup, 20 years.
we thought it'd be fun to celebrate together.
i'll be toting along our old year book.
i'm bracing myself for lots and lots of laughs!


stella went to her first 'friend' birthday party saturday.
i hate to admit
i was kinda nervous!
she can be so clingy
i thought for sure we'd last only twenty minutes out of the three hours.
she LOVED it!!!

it was an awesome party.
they got to wear their pj's :)

there was music...real music...with a piano!

and these AWESOME chairs i fell in love with and obsessed over.
orange and green.

there was this AMAZING face painter.
she didn't just do hearts and smiley faces.
she did GORGEOUS, gorgeous designs.

stella chose a kitty...
the simplest of all the designs.
i think she just didn't want to sit there ;)

then there was a puppet show.
HUGE puppets handmade by a local artist.
she was SO funny!
the kids couldn't take their eyes off her.

a happy girl.

'are ya watching me mom?'

man, i NEED those chairs!
all fifty of them ;)


I can't believe November is done.
Two more weeks but in my time...
That's done.
My head is spinning with all there is to do.
Excited to bake.
Make gifts.
How's it all going to get done?
What if I can't do it all?
The little voice inside my head says it's going to be ok.
On your marks...
get set...
No time to waste.


I wish I could freeze this moment in time.
When a muffin tastes as good as a rainbow.
When seeing the same Curious George over and over again never grows old.
When eating mac n' cheese is the best lunch ever.
When jumping in wet leaves feels great.
When the motion of a swing going back and forth doesn't make you sick.
For it's fleeting and happens quick.
Growing up.


b'day day...

woke up early at 7am (that's early, I worked sat night!)
and cleaned until noon.
it was exactly what i wanted to do.
got our bed ready for an anthropologie makeover :)
LOVE it!

waited for mom to arrive.
she came with lots of goodies!
first peppermint mocha latte this season.

and these sticky buns...
don't be a hater ;)
they are THE best i've ever had.
kept three out and froze the rest for a rainy day.

gave mom her b'day presents since we hadn't seen her.
c % m, she loved her gift!
i made the scarf she's wearing :)

we scooped up the girls and went for a walk in downtown dover.
it was a mild 60 degrees.
perfect weather!

this tree was gorgeous!!!
i want these to line our property.

looked at the waterfall...

went over this freaky bridge...

came home, grabbed craig and headed out to kittery for some dinner...

while waiting for din din the girls colored...

and colored...

and colored...

until this arrived...
fried freakin' clams!!

came home to have some of these
coconut cupcakes.

and this chocolate on chocolate cake.
oh, the choices!

got the girls nestled in bed just in time to watch our fave...
one of the best shows....EVER!

a perfect day.



As you get older you tend to want to forget your birthday.
At least I do.
I like to celebrate my kids birthdays and that's about it.
Even those make me sad though.
I'll be cough.choke.hack....39 on Sunday :O
It makes me happy when people tell me I look like I'm in my 20's.
So keep telling me peeps cause that's how I feel.
So, I'm going to ignore that frightening number up there involving the 3 and the 9 and go on about my day.


Working on a lil' order and trying like crazy to make some pants to go with the big bro tee!!!
Will update if successful :O