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Well, it seems like I haven't posted in forEVa!
We had a pretty mellow weekend: Zoe had her BFF sleep over Friday night. We ordered pizza in and watched a movie. All was quiet at about 10pm. Saturday morning they were up about 7:30 and I could just tell Kristen (the BFF) just wasn't 'right'. I asked her if everything was okay and she assured me it was. Now, I've been dubbed her second Mom...this girl has lived in this house and Zoe in theirs non-stop for the past four years. I knew something was up. I pulled Zoe aside and asked if maybe they had had a spat, 'no'. I let it go for about a half an hour and watched this girl like a hawk. Normally they want chocolate chip pancakes...Kristen wanted plain...HUH? Red flags are going off and I sit down next to her and look her in the eye and told her I knew her well enough to know something was wrong, what was it? Finally she tells me her tummy hurt. I call her Mom and go and tell her. Next thing I know there's projectile vomit all over my couch, rocking chair and floor. Yikes! Poor little thing...she's better now but not the best way to start the day.
In the afternoon we went over to RGS for the Halloween party...The girls had fun dressing up and playing the games. I was a little irritated with the choice of candy they had in the prizes they gave. Fire balls, jaw breakers, peppermint suckers, butterscotch suckers, jolly ranchers (ALL HARD, CHOKING HAZARDS!!!) I had to promise them I'd break open our Halloween candy and trade them out for the chokeables.
Sunday we spent around the house doing 'stuff''. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it yet but I've been fighting a really bad virus on our computer since Saturday. Some backdoor Trojan...I think I've got it all cleared up but it was a doozy! I'll keep my fingers crossed because it really STRESSES me out when I don't have the computer working...Plus, I missed posting!
Made those two tee's yesterday and today. The pic of the girls was taken on Saturday. Hope you had a great weekend!

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