mish mash...

Yumi apron tutu...

R's Kindergarten class...

S deep in conversation with her pumpkin...

'I can DO it!'

R sacked out 20 minutes after getting home from a play date :)
We've been so spoiled by the good weather lately, that one lousy rainy day has me in quite the mood !!! I SO didn't want to go on this field trip this morning and I thought for sure they'd cancel it...but no, we were on. Once I resigned myself to the fact that we'd be getting wet and muddy I did have a good time, reluctantly.
I can't seem to get Miss R to SMILE...she looks so sullen in almost every picture I take of her that I hardly have any shots of her at all! The one above is a riot...she is completely sacked out mid bite. Things got ugly when I tried to wake her for a tub and dinner....she must have cried for at least an hour straight...LOUDLY!
Anywhoo...I'm off to do some designing (I need something to switch my mood around)!
Today's Sparklie's
  • Made a cute new Tutu and I think I'll list them in the shop...what's the worst that can happen?
  • Making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and the meatballs are already done!
  • I'm already looking forward to tomorrows sunny day and apple picking.
  • Found out our friends are coming up Sunday to look at more properties near us and we'll probably hit the huge corn maze.
  • The girls are quietly playing school in the playroom...please make it last!


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Kristen said...

Tutu Aprons...what a fun Idea! You've got something good here.