See that happy face?
Spring has finally come to New England and this lil'bit couldn't be more excited!
The snow is almost gone and the buds are beginning to show.
I've been (hold onto your seats) busy...real shocker, huh?
I finished up my long stint of shifts Saturday...coming off Restaurant week.
Working that many shifts in a row, having to get up early to get the kids ready for school, sick...is just not for me.
This week is much more pleasant :)
I'm off to make some stuff...hoping to finally get some new goodness in my tired looking shop!
Have a beautiful day!


Remember when I made my friend a play block like the one above?

She liked it so much she wanted to buy one for one of her girlfriends!
I'll be listing them in my shop in the next few days...the one above is already in there but reserved :)
I'm totally exhausted and still a bit under the weather...I need to get through tonight and tomorrow night and I'll be home free! I'm only working two shifts next week and I can hardly wait for the down time.
We had some real beauties at the bar last night! I couldn't possible make up the things I hear and see every night....to quote my fellow bar chic they're all WACK-A-DOODLE!
Spring is definitely finding it's way to the Seacoast...the snow is finally melting and I can actually see grass!!! Yesterday I took Ruby and Stella for a quick walk...the birds were singing so loudly...it was so nice to hear :)
Happy Friday to you!


This picture makes me smile.
I don't have many good pix of Rue...she hates having her picture taken.
She looks really happy here and luckily I was able to capture her without her knowing it!
I played with the image a bit with Picnik.
My picture taking is no match for all you REAL photographers who read my blog...Graham Crackers, Whatever, Brown Eyed Fox...just to name a few!
Will you teach me ;)

I had high hopes of getting a ton done Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
I'm scheduled to work tonight, Thurs, Fri and Saturday.
I've had the flu since Monday night and could really use some healing thoughts my way.
Mr. Motrin and Dayquil will have to be my best friends today...along with a little cat nap cuddle with Miss Stella.
I'm so sorry you haven't seen anything new yet in my shop.
I'm trying like crazy to keep up with orders and need to make them my first priority...even though my ideas are just itching to become a reality!!
I love that people like my goodies...feels like a big warm hug I tell you!
Wishing you a great day!


I can't believe...

Lovely display by the Kindergarten class...

See Ruby's? Top...lamb :)

March is almost over!!!!
We had a fun little weekend over here.
Zoe was in the play Willy Wonka which we enjoyed not once but three times.
She was in the candy chorus...see her behind her pink lollipop?
My camera doesn't like taking pictures in this auditorium, at all!
I've tried on numerous occassions to get shots in there and I always fail...ho hum.
I'll be busy today with my newest round of orders...omg...I love it but I've found I've had to put my new stuff on the back burner for a bit to get caught up...hopefully by the end of the week you'll see some new goodies in the shop!
Spring like weather is headed our way mid-week...can't wait!
It snowed here for a bit yesterday :(
OK. I've got loads to do...Have a great day!


Please tell me...

This is no indication of what the rest of my day will be like!


I had to drain the washing machine...omg. Gallons upon gallons of water came pouring out along with S.A.W.D.U.S.T.!!!! Thank you honey! Luckily I had a wet vac near by.

Stella spilled a full cup of gluey water I had prepared for her to do a collage with...all over the floor.

Zoe ran in from outside to grab a tissue with MUDDY BOOTS!

Luckily the mail lady came just in time with these to cheer me up!

I could just eat this fabric...my new fave!

and this...my favorite 'heart' girls....I'm just loving them Jody!

I'm working tonight and it's going to be CrAzY!!!
Can't wait...love it!
Have a good night yourselves!


This girl...

WILL be stripping down to her birthday suit before coming inside...that is FO SHO!
Leave it to Rue...a girl who has to wear skirts every day!

the look of shame :)

meh, who cares...she's going back for round two.

I've been busy...

Things always happen in spurts in my shop.
I busted these custom tees out earlier for a fabulous customer...LOVE her!
Actually, I really LOVE all my customers...muah!
I've got four more orders to fill and I'll be all caught up.
This working at night thing seems to really slow me down during the day.
I still haven't found that balance yet but I will!
I'm happy to make things and that includes drinks so I'm in a good spot.
Off to get Miss Zoe at school.
She's in a play for the next three nights...She's in the candy chorus in Willy Wonka :)
Gotta fly!


Now THIS is....

how the true cupcake conoisseur should consume their treat...as demonstrated by Miss Stella.
First, squeeze your tush onto a moderately comfortable bench.

Then begin by licking the sprinkles aka minkles off the delicious frosting.

Little by little start to suck some of the frosting into your mouth as if sucking on a straw.

Next be sure to get a full, front to back lick of said frosting...pink is preferential in this case.

Lastly, you don't need to show evidence of crumbs, frosting or such...that's purely optional.
Now, what you do with the cake part of the cup/cake is again your choice. Stella prefers to toss the cake without even giving it a nibble...she's a frosting kind a gal. Me, I'd eat the whole thing and go back for seconds, thirds and fourths :)


Got this little guy quickly made today for a new mom at work.
She loves penguins so I just had to make her one!
Working tonight and have so little time to do anything today!
I think I love my new background...thanks AnniKae for pointing me in the right direction!
Uggg...just remembered I've got to go change all the fish bowls...yucko!


Hang in there!

My eyes are fried and my patience is gone.
I'm trying to find a solid colored background for my blog and can't figure it out or find one.
I'll work on it tomorrow if given the chance...I can't believe how much of my day was wasted on this...arghhh. I hate when things aren't the way I want them!
ps. If any of you know of a good site...let me know!

Don't cha...

Just love 'doing' school projects?
Here's Zoe's finished family tree.
Came out cute, right?

I've been playing around with my blog here and there today.
I can't decide what I like and what I don't.
If you have any feedback...I'd love it!...good or bad!
We're on our way outdoors!


Poor Molly...
She's got that look on her face like 'why do you gotta put the bunny ears on me mom?' I just had to, dear.

Hi shadow...how ya doin?

Miss Cute.


A new cutie for the shop.

I made this for a friend's baby...didn't really know what I was doing but I like the way it came out :)

That's it for me...Got quite a good amount done today already. Orders finished, wrapped and ready to ship first thing Monday morning.
Dinner made, ready to be popped in the oven.
Laundry done, mostly.
The house is...well, the house is.
I've got to go get ready for work tonight!
Have a great rest of the day!



This is a great way to wake up in the morning!!!


We're SO ready...

For Spring.
We were just itching to get out of the house and soak up some of that sun today.
It wasn't warm by a long shot so we bundled up good.
Miss Stella (of course) wouldn't leave the house without her 'dress-ups'...such a fancy girl.
Ruby needed to bring Doggy all dolled up in I love plum seconds :)
On our walk we took turns telling each other what we couldn't wait for with the upcoming warm weather.
  • Flowers
  • Crocs
  • Open windows
  • Swings
  • Zip line
  • Chalk
  • Kettler Cars
  • Farmer's market
  • Outdoor recess without snow pants
  • BBQ and grill
  • Grass
  • Riding bikes
  • Seeing Fairies aka Butterflies and Dragonflies
  • Light until after 7pm
  • Fun fruit
  • The beach
  • Fried clams
  • Wearing skirts everyday
I can't remember all the other ones but there were more!!!
Have a great weekend everyone...I love you all!


Totally random...

I got a 'convo' yesterday from someone at Pregnancy & Newborn magazine saying they'd be interested in considering my stuff for their Haute Tots page in their July issue! Wow! I'm thrilled they even asked...how cool is that? I guess they're rounding up trains, planes and automobiles and some of my designs fit the bill :)
These are the samples I'll be sending out...they'll also be listed in the shop a bit later.

I was so excited when I found this fabric...I can't wait to play with it!!!
Isn't it just darling?


A little craziness last night before bed.
Daddy was doing some up-side-downs:)
Off to get Zoe at school.
I'm hoping to finish up on some orders and start some new goodies for the shop!! Stay tuned!