It's gonna be one of those days....

have a good one.


Ruby, Ruby, Ruby...what am I going to do with this free lil' spirit? Soccer star...uuuuuhhhh, no.
Dreamer? Yes. She's floating around the field in her own little world. Feeling the breeze on her face. Waving to her friends on the next field. The ball will come near her and she'll be like 'hi ball, bye ball'. But, she loves it! Not sure what she loves about it other than her rainbow colored ball and her pink and black cleats. But she loves it! I give her mad props for just getting out there and doing what it is she does... LOVE that!

Little Miss Stella. Oh the joy that is jam packed in this little 30lb body. She carries a light within her everywhere she goes...smile.

Zoe. My so very sensitive, sweet, kindhearted girl. I feel most protective over this delicate little soul. I feel worried often about where her head is at. Most times she's happy but there are dark, dark moments when I just can't break through. I feel ready to pounce on whoever it is that causes her sadness...even if they're little kids. I want her to see the good that she is and believe in herself the way I believe in her. Her negativity is like a weight and she needs to fly. Sweet Zoe.

Daily Gratitude's:
1. Home tonight with the Family.
2. Food in our Fridge.
3. The beautiful leaves that are already changing to red, orange, yellow.
4. Etsy.
5. My head is in a good place...at this moment ;)


I was talking to my sister on the phone yesterday. She was asking how the girls liked school...yada, yada, yada. Then she asked if Stella had had any playdates yet :O AAAAKKKK!
I guess I answered her a bit sharply by saying 'GOD, no!!!'
I had almost forgotten about those dreaded things. Now, I know it's not going to make me popular by saying this, but really? I'd rather make flippin' mud pies on my freshly cleaned rugs (that I did myself) than play small-talk. I really can't stand the fakery and in trying to be my authentic self, I'd rather not because inevitably the time is spent something like this....'lets make small talk, fill in the void, compare my mothering to your mothering and how many organic goodies are in your lunch box and I can't believe you don't have your toes professionally painted and my husband is fabulous and can take naps all day and we're going to Disney World for Thanksgiving and my house is cleaned once a week by Merry Maids and my Prada bag is bigger than your 'what kind of bag is that?'...Do you get it? It's exhausting! I just don't care to have these fakery friendships...I don't want them. I've got no time for them. They drive me NUTS!
Now. I have to admit. Some good has come from these 'playdates' in the past. But just like everything else...you've got to go through twenty to find one or two (Lis, if you're reading this you are the golden egg in the bunch.) SO. If it happens because we have a connection and WE want to spend time together than great. But if your snot-nosed kid wants to play with my snot-nosed kid and you and I have zippo in common...it ain't happenin'.

In other news...
Just listed in the shop!
Have a simply fabulous day.
Kanye S.U.C.K.S


Posted this lil'pretty in the shop today!
Too bad it sold within minutes :)
Thanks Jody!
Be on the look-out for more!
I've come into some vintage hankies that look rather lovely as pillows!!!


This will be the first FULL week of school!
I can hardly wait!
Starting the week off with clean rugs, an organized work space and a beautiful day.
Here's to a busy and productive next few days!


Like it was yesterday...

(Bansky image edited by me)

I will remember.
Stranded with my baby in Colorado, my husband back home in Boston.
Thankful that I had my sisters and Mom with me but so


Unable to grasp what had happened.
Stunned, sick, hopeless, devastated.
All at once it hit me, hard.
Someone out there in the world hated us.
You, me, Americans.

Nothing's been the same since.
Innocence lost..
A Deeper respect for the earth I walk on, the air I breathe.
Two more children to protect, hold tight, to remain hopeful for.
All the more proud to be American...the land of the free.



when things are calm...

I can breathe...



soak in the color...
have a good day.


Yesterday was the first day of school for all THREE of the girlies!
I had TWO whole hours to myself!
What did I do?
Hit Target and took my sweet time.
Bought a life sized ironing board....what a treat ;)
Well, it is.
Considering I've been using a two foot long one for a year...wtf?
Crazy the things you'll go without until you just can't anymore.
I was sure the big girls were going to have a great day.
They were ready to go back and SO excited!
I truly felt like my heart swelled inside me as they set off with smiles on their faces.
Stella on the other hand woke up crying.
'I don't want to go to Bunnies and Blocks' whhhaaaaahhhhhh.
This was going to be HARD.
When we got there she put her brave little face on.
Wouldn't talk to anyone.
Had that pensive look in her eye.
I brought her in,
showed her where the potty was (still new at the potty thing),
brought her over to her mat at the circle,
and she cried....a sad, nervous cry.
'Mama, I have to tell you something' over and over again.
It made my heart break.
I handed her off and walked out without even a look over my shoulder.
I knew that would be it if I did.
About twenty minutes later I get a call from the Head Mistress of the school.
She's the quintessential preschool teacher.
Just perfect.
Her cheerful voice calming me instantly...
She said 'Stella is fine, she's talking, playing, having a great time'.
I don't think I took a breath until after I heard that message.
The picture above was taken by Miss Mary Beth while Stella made a sculpture.
Sure looks happy to me!
She hasn't stopped talking about school and is SO proud of herself.
I'm SO proud of her...we all are.
In other news.
Our computer is done.
We need a new one.
I've got loads of pictures to upload, an ipod to charge, things to print...and can't.
Not to even mention ALL of Craig's work is on that computer.
I hope to God we can retrieve all those documents!!!
My life is revolving around burlap.
I'm in the process of making many, many burlap pillows for L'Andana.
I'm totally allergic.
LOVE burlap.
I've got a million ideas on what to do with burlap, bulap and more burlap.
SO SOON...now that the kids are back in school.
You'll hopefully begin to see my shop spruce up a bit.
I'm really excited.
Girl in tub needs to get out.
Later Taters...
computer is down...be back soon :(