I've been busy today trying to come up with a Koi fish design...this is the best I could do, what do you think? I think my dragon series is really turning into what I'll dub the Tattoo series with the new addition of the Koi. We've got some friends with AMAZING tattoos, the artwork so
inspiring...cough, Kenny! Not sure what I'll do next...hmmmm.

I just thought the above photos were so cute. Little Miss S. got a hold
of my camera and took some self portraits last night...love the lips :)
Had four sales today!!! So now I'm off to the worst place on earth to see if they have any onesies in the requested size...it's all worth it though, I just LOVE making these tee's and knowing some little cutie out there is wearing a little piece of my heart.
Today's Sparklies:
  • Once again I withstood Mira's cut throat cardio class...I felt sick going into it just knowing what I was in for...I'm still here!
  • Got approved for BlogHer advertising.
  • Had those lovely sales.
  • R hasn't bugged me all day about where Z is...she's been playing quite nicely with her Groovy Girls (love those dolls btw).
  • I may have possible landed a job but still not sure it's legit...we'll see.


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