m&m cookies....

don't hate
the bits of color
red, blue, green, yellow
fantoosh degrees today
started to purge the shigatzzz 
out of our house
out of my life
thank goodness
for spring
i love a new beginning



woot woot...

it's flippin' spring happy happy joy joy
we're eating chocolate eggs and making stuffed shells



  • i love that when you walk by a mirror you look at yourself and say out loud 'god i'm handsome'
  • i love that you find me beautiful first thing in the morning without a stitch of make-up on
  • i love that you don't conform into what/who others think you should be
  • i love that we finish each others sentences and have the same sick sense of humor
  • i love that you work harder than anyone i've ever known...nothing more unattractive than a lazy guy
  • i love that you say it how it is whether it's something i want to hear or not
  • i love that you'd give the shirt off your back to anyone including those that have done you wrong in the past
  • i love that you're not a quitter...we've gone through so much and you're still looking ahead
  • i love that you make me feel safe
  • i love that you've stuck by my side for the past (17?) years...i'm the most difficult person i know 
  • i love that you are a great dad
  • i love that i still get butterflies in my stomach when i see you unexpectedly somewhere
  • i love that we've had each other through thick and thin and will continue to until we're old and cranky
  • i love that you're insanely smart
  • i love that you are the most honest man i know
  • i love that you're a true friend
  • i love that today is your birthday
  • i love that you're my husband
  • i love you...