gingerbread house

pirate gingerbread boy

Just a quick post as I'm hosting a little sleepover par-tay...

Made these cuties today and will list them in the shop later tonight (possibly).

It was such a gorgeous day we ended up playing at the park for two and a half hours after school. I was savoring the warm sun and the soft breeze knowing soon enough it would be too cold to do so much more. We're off to the school Halloween party tomorrow...hopefully I'll get some good shots to post!

Better go...too much screaming going on...yikes!



Kristen said...

That pirate gingerbread boy is going to be an absolute favorite for one lucky little kiddo!
btw...did you change your header a little? Or, maybe I'm just craZy. You've got a cute blog...always.

MGF said...

The pirate gingerbread boy is soo cool.