it's been sooo long...
jenny and i are two busy mama's but found time to connect this week.
we did silhouettes.
two different sunsets
two different coasts
both beautiful!
i wonder if they were taken on the same day!!!



life is hectic during the summer. constantly trying to keep everyone occupied, happy, NOT fighting is draining the heck out of me. mostly i just want to walk around with ear plugs in and blinders on so i can just ignore the ugly. the girls are getting on each others nerves which leads to the constant bickering which leads to a crazy mama who can't wait to go to WORK!!! i've let all my OCD's go...messy house, fine. shizzzola everywhere, fine. puppy food on the floor, fine. dried cocoa butter on the counter, fine. dust, fine. it's ALL fine. don't care anymore. ok. i'm totally lying about caring. it kills me but i am learning in my old age that i just.can't.control.EVERYTHING!

i let my dining room become an art studio for the girls for three whole days. paint on the floor, feathers, glitter, pom poms, sequins....all over the place. i didn't care. know why? every time things got a little rough around here i didn't send them to their rooms or a time-out. i sent them to the dining room. where they'd pick up a paint brush and create. the tension, the nastiness, the fighting all stopped. kind words were used, encouragement given, smiles to be had. an experiment gone good. all the negative energy evaporates when making something beautiful or even not so beautiful ;)



dis and dat

apparently i'm not being good about posting on my blog...
tisk, tisk!
a few days in round-up
~ been to the pool
~ hosted a sleepover for ruby
~ zoe was party girl all day thursday into friday
~ worked friday night

saturday rolls around and i'm given it off!
craig and i go on a date
and head into portsmouth.
we went to the green monkey and had dinner and drinks at the bar.
this time around we had a good bartender...
to me that makes such a difference!
ps. they have the best butterscotch pudding EVER!

this is me in the parking garage.
i loved the light.
not a great shot but interesting enough.

sunset shot taken from the roof of the parking garage.
the girls and i went to the beach again today.
it was high tide
and yes, i knew it would be.
i didn't care that all we could sit on were rocks for the first couple of hours.
while waiting for the tide to go down we walked into town

and checked out the candy store...
loads of pretty things in there!
i let the kids each get a lollipop.

1.2.3....say cheese!




it's hot,
barely tolerable out.
we be cranky
over heeeeahhh.
lots of ice pops, ice cream, ice consumption going on.
we pulled out the henna and did some tattooing...
came out beautiful.
i'm off to work and the kids off to nonno's pool to cool off...
have a sweet day.


ruby my sprite...

oh ruby.
my sweet,
piece of artwork.

you are seven today
and i love you seven x infinity.
you never cease to amaze me with your creativity
and your willingness to be YOU.
you embrace your originality
and never fall into the crowd.
you are who you are and i LOVE that about you.
you make no apologies for doing things your OWN way,
in your OWN time.
the gray hairs on my head...they're all for YOU!
but that's ok
because they're from you my doll.

you are a great friend and even better sister

everyone wants some 'ruby'

it's been predicted that you'll be the one
with the piercings and tattoos
my punky ruby
i so heart you

you make us laugh

you are sensitive

you are an amazing artist

your artwork brightens my day

we love you so much ruby-doo

happy birthday my sweet girl!

ruby lydia
est. 2003