good things...

We got ghosted tonight! Our neighborhood tradition is such a fun one! Do you do it in your neighborhood? If you don't, you should! Just let me know if you need to know the 'rules' and I'll point you in the right direction.

It was such a beautiful day that even though I had so much to do I spent a good portion of it outdoors with the girlie's. We went for a walk down to what we've dubbed 'the marsh' to pick cat tails and send fairy messages.

How gorgeous is this mushroom? A fairy MUST live there for sure!

One of the many perks when living in New England...LOVE it!

This is Mary Beth's tree :)
(The girls most AWESOME Pre-School Teacher)

R trying to hide behind her cat tail.

S is in deep talks with those leaves she's holding...really!

The girlie's.

I dug out one of my most favorite Gap 3/4 length sleeved shirts to applique so I look oh so 'plum' tomorrow.

I thought if I wore some flared jeans with this little number over it it would look extra cute!
So, that's it!
I'm sure I'll have a ton to post tomorrow.
Thanks to all of you that wished me well. I'm sure I'll need those sweet words of encouragement more often than not as I watch many pass me by. It's all good though. I'm very proud of where I've come in the last few months!


Kristen said...

Oh...you're gonna do fab! I wish that I could come visit the Craft Fair. Not so practical when I live on the other end of the country. And, the skirt, LOVE IT. It'll look great paired w/a pair of jeans. BEST OF LUCK TOMORROW.

Kate K said...

I can't wait to hear how it went. Good luck today. & Cute outfit!

Oh, and I love fall, too. So magical, eh? (okay, I feel that way about every season, but fall especially).