miss me?

vacation is over
if it weren't for my sister being here
it would have been a total bust.
rained all week,
four days of fevers on three different people,
our lg washing machine decided not to work,
flooding our basement...
we had hurricane winds,
lost power,
it sucked.
zoe and i took a weeks worth of laundry to a local Laundromat.
i fell in love.
do i dare say it was pretty?
it inspired me big time
for this i was grateful because i've been uninspired all week!
here's to a new month
i need a clean slate!


day 53

first day of vaca
luckily lissipoo is here to keep us company
we went to doodlebugz and painted a lil' pottery


day 49


team-up thurs week 2

this week jenny and i were playing catch-up
and did 'movement' as our theme.
my readers you may recognize my photo
yep, i had to pull from my archives...
it's been that kind of week ;O
looking forward to the next weeks theme
self portraits
so funny
i had just posted that pic of me a day or two ago!
i'll come up with a new one though!!
still not too late to join if you want to play!!!


day 43

why yes,
that IS a burned cookbook
burned bad.
don't ask :O


she disappeared for awhile...
while i cleaned what i could.
she came back dressed and ready for today
a hop to her step
in an outfit mcqueen would have salivated over.
i'm glad for her happiness
that she can express it with shiny shoes...one black, one red.
rainbow necklaces,
striped pants, socks, tunic
a polk-a-dot skirt.
so innocent and without worry.
i will try and drink up her vibe
and ignore the heaviness my heart is holding onto today.

A day late...

i'm doing another fun little project called 'team-up thursday's'
well, i worked until really late last night and couldn't get this posted
until now...better late than never, right?
my partner is jenny
and she's loads of fun!
look at her cute lil' family!!!
the topic this week was 'love'
i'm sure you can guess my image!!!
i'm loving the totally different shots next to each other!
it's never too late to join in so if you're interested head over to megan's
blog and get in touch!!


day 42

love = brownies
in my opinion
of course


day 41

stella's valentine

i forgot to take a proper shot of stella's finished valentines
so here's a quick one done in the car
late for school...
cute eh?
these wednesdays are hard.
the alarm goes off just minutes after i finally fall asleep...
getting everyone out the door on time is a constant (losing) battle.
it's finally snowing...
let it dump!!!
we need a little white to cover up the ugly, slushy, yellow pee snow :O
the kids need to get out there and play for a bit
get some fresh air.
i love the peace snow brings.
it's pretty coming down
and makes me feel like cooking and that being a little lazy is OK.
be back later with a 365


day 40

lots of it
i'll show you when i'm done
i only wish i'd thought of it sooner
it would have made a nice lil' somethin' for my etsy shop
poor shop's been barren and lonely
candy is also good to bring to a party
and i'm going,
won't you come too??
almost 40 :O
well, not until november.
i must always be doing something, moving constantly.
i am obsessed with my camera
and am training my eye to notice the ordinary and make it beautiful.
i love to work
and think it's ONE think i'm really good at.
my family is my life...my daughters my everything
my husband my rock, my world.
i'm constantly in search of me
and trying to make me a better, happier person.
i love to cook
and have lemon bars in the oven now.
that makes me very happy...
smell em?


day 39

portland children's museum

milked a cow
jumped inside a whales belly
nursed a sick bunny back to health.
learned about orion's belt
climbed a rock wall
was the star in a broadway play.
grocery shopped
put out a fire
became an artists palette.
all in a days play for these girls.


day 37

ruby started basketball this morning.
bright and early.
oh, yeahhhhh.
after getting home at 2 am it wasn't exactly what i wanted to go do.
bed, pillow, blankets...much more appealing.
mr. coffemaker decided TODAY would be the day to be mr. coffeewon'tmaker :(
swwwweeeeeeet !
this was ru's first attempt at playing the game and she did great!!
she's a natural and got 7 baskets!!!
the coach is good...funny...loud....talks a lot.
ruby can't wait for more tomorrow!
i have to get ready for work!
peace out


day 35

playdates make me crazy

because for three solid
uninterrupted hours
i have to be
a really, really good mother.
the kind that will...oh, you know
keep calm and carry on
the leave it to beaver type.
not the 'me' who had a migraine today,
took medicine,
and am now a grumpy mess.
i've got five REALLY loud little girls
flying around here like fairies on parade.
little miss
left out,
of course.
so i had to keep her b.u.s.y.
we made homemade chocolate cupcakes.
cleaned some acorn squash like nobody's business.
she spent a good hour playing with the seeds.
i heard her version of pinkalicious
about 500 times
greaaaaat ;)
our little house sounds like
an amphitheater...
the black eyed peas playing in the background.
crazy loud.
all good though
lots of smiles.


day 34

out to lunch

can you guess where we are?
we picked stella up from school and grabbed a little lunch.
the pizza is sooo good here.
it was nice to have craig home for a bit...
we've been like two ships passing in the night.
not good.
got to grab those moments when you can to enjoy just being together
even if it's for only a short while.
made something really cool today
with a little help from a certain contractor i know.
i'll show you tomorrow!!
peace out!


reality check

there are days when my positivity makes me leap from the bed...
with lists of all the great things i'm going to do.
there are many days when i just want to bury my head
go unnoticed,
hit rewind.
you can hear it my voice,
you can see it on my face,
i'm not a good actress...
though i do try hard.
today has been a down day.
but then it hit me like a ton of bricks.
i have a roof over my head.
my children aren't orphans.
i have a good job.
my family is healthy.
i have water to drink.
i pulled my favorite shirt out of my drawer to wear today.
(i have a shirt, with a drawer.)
i can make cookies if i feel like it.
i get to go outside to get wood to heat our house because we have one.
we never go hungry.
i can hear my children laugh.
my worries
my life's complaints
are SO infinitely small
when i just stop to think about
this beautiful girl,
being homeless.
i've got it pretty darn good
a reality check is just something i think i need to do a little more often.
so on that note
i'm going to go enjoy a little snuggle
from miss stella
and get ready for a great night at work.