This afternoon I started the first fire of the season! I even got it going on the first try!

My black apple prints got hung today!

One of the commissioned tee's I was asked to do...the Z is in Laverne style :) I think this will go perfect with that orange and pink petticoat skirt Michelle!

I had to add just a little something to the back!

Z at the park yesterday...I really couldn't get a great one of her so here's the best.

Ohhhh, this kid is getting to be a handful...you can 'get' her personality in this picture...from her facial expression to her leg lift.

I chased this kid around and around to get even ONE picture of her...she gave up in this one but not without making it perfectly clear she wasn't happy about it.

Today has been extremely busy for me...I think by the end of the week I'll definitely be sick and run down...boo hoo...but I can feel it coming on. I can't WAIT to post some of the cuteness I made today. I'll be sewing into the night just to get a few done and my orders complete. The craft fair is this weekend and I don't feel ready...AT ALL! Most likely I'll skip the gym all week just to have a couple hours almost to myself (S will be with me of course but she's easy :). I'm pooped...I'll talk to you tomorrow!
Today's Sparklies:
  • Got some cute designs done today!
  • Made a REALLY good dinner.
  • Started the first fire this Fall.
  • It's almost 8 and the house is clean (enough).
  • Bedtime is just around the corner.
  • C got some good news today!



Kristen said...

Wish I had a fireplace. When I was growing up, we had one and I loved waking up in the morning and sitting by the fireplace. Loved the crackling & popping noises too. It's a cozy kinda warm, don't you think?

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

so glad to have come over to your blog... how fun!

i just love your fireplace... potbelly? looking forward to some warm fires soon too!

i just felt my throat feeling scratchy earlier... ugh... lets fight it off together... NO sick mamas here!