baby boo
i love you!
ps...i'm 9mths old!!!



when making it to the end of the balance beam
by yourself is 


apple bottom girls...

apple picking 
on a perfect fall day
is the best!


wedding (it's all in the details)...

 we went to bre & nate's wedding this past weekend
unbelievably the weather cooperated after rain was predicted
 even if it poured not a detail would have been lost
i didn't know where to look first
my eyes savoring this little slice of heaven on earth
dive in
you'll be lost too
congrats guys!



last days of summahhhh....

we're soaking up the last days of summer
pretty soon the frogs and toads will say sayonara until next year
this poor guy endured quite the manhandling yesterday
he was the biggest one caught so far 
miss ruby just didn't want to let him go
don't worry
we did!
frog expressions from left to right:
1.  aaaaaaaahhhhhh.  get me outta here!
2.  now i'm getting pissed (you see the scrunch in his eyes too don't you?)
3.  this is it?  this is my life?  don't i get a last supper?  (he's frowning, poor guy)

we went to a fabulous wedding last night...
photos tomorrow!


day 2...

today was the first day with all three at the same school
my brown eyed girl had a better day today 
and miss s gave it a big thumbs up
i could hear her whispering to herself all day long
'i love school, i love school'
this will be zoe's last year at this wonderful school
we are so lucky to have this tiny private like public school in our itty bitty town
now bring on the apples, pumpkins and pie!