A fabulous girl.......most of the time.

A girl can dream...

I've fallen in love. LOVE with Anthropologie's Bella Hothouse collection. I need it. Want it. It makes me SO happy just looking at it.
Can you believe I don't own a Kitchen Aid? And actually, I don't even have a hand held beater anymore either. My last one burnt out after SO much use. I don't know why I've dragged my feet on getting a new one...I must like the extra workout a good hand stirring can promote.

So this is it. This is the camera I'd love to someday own. I know so many people that have it and love it. I love Canons!

So when I'm rich and can just buy whatever I want when I want I'll treat myself to these things. In the mean time I'll just dream....



So. I finally found a natural decorating food color! I really wanted to make these (scroll down) for Ruby's birthday treats to bring to school. What fun! Meg made the cake version as an end of the year goody and I fell in love! However, food coloring...is G.R.O.S.S!!! Anyone who knows me well would know I HATE green mint chocolate chip ice cream and colorful frosting's...especially when you can SEE the color stained on your kiddos teeth, lips, hands and clothing...ewwwwww! So psyched about being able to make this now!!! Yeah!

owl - bunny

owl - doggy

squirrel - owl - owl
Ruby is a natural artist. I love her creativity. She made these all on her own. They're paper pillows :)

Daddy has an industrial leaf blower and blew the leaves from the backyard this weekend :) The girls were having fun playing in the 'tornado'.

Is that not the ugliest frog you ever did see? He's been hanging around here for the past few days...I can't even look at the picture too long without getting the chills.

~ My sewing machine is ready to be picked up! I'll grab it tomorrow. Nothing was wrong with it...it just need a tune-up to the TUNE of $90!!! :O For oiling the darn thing...are you kidding me????? OMG!!!! I felt telling the lady to eat it but then I'd be out my machine. Times are tough lady...don't take it out on me!!!! It's going to KILL me forking over that kind of dough...KILL me! Doesn't that seem high??

~ Taking the girls to swim this afternoon even though it's like the last thing on earth I want to do. The idea of it is really unappealing but I know it'll make them happy so I'm gonna suck it up.

~ I have no desire to make dinner tonight. None.

~ I planted a Fairy Meadow in lieu of a vegetable garden this year. I hope, hope, hope it turns out! I'm not good with seeds so I'm crossing my fingers!

~ Over and out...got to go pack up our swim bag!




Yesterday was H.O.T!
Today is H.O.T!
Summer, here we come!

~ Why does Elmer's Glue smell SOOOOO bad!!!! (ya know what? I don't actually really want to know...too disturbing!)
~ I'd totally pay the $700 to have our lawn cleared of leaves every Fall...it's totally worth it in my opinion...cause guess what? We've got leaves ALL over our backyard, making nice little homes for all the woodchucks and what-have-you's.
~ I attempted to remove leaves from my vegetable garden...brought my 'A' game and everything. I lasted for about five minutes and then I heard crying...that was my back, legs, arms, mind, body and soul.
~ I'm totally not a quitter ;)
~ I stocked up on Frosty Paws, Popsicles, Fudgesicles, ice cream, cones and sprinkles. The ice cream man better steer clear of this neighborhood today because I'll be da_ned if I spend $30 on his treats!
~ I'm loving my new Blackberry :)
~ Do you really believe it when someone says they don't have any regrets? I think that's a load of crap. I totally regret lots of things I've said, done and will do. Yep, will do.
~ Like the time I ordered a rare hamburger when I was like 7. My sister and I were visiting my Grandmother in New York and were at some ritzy restaurant and the waitress asked me how I wanted my burger cooked. The only thing I could remember her saying was rare, medium rare, medium or well. The chocolate milk was really, really good there.
~ Should I take it as a good sign that I haven't heard from the sewing machine Dr.? Like when you go to the hospital and they say 'no news is good news'...is that wishful thinking???
~ I will totally be putting my little patchwork pillows in the shop as soon as I make more!
~ I've got a HOLY SALE, SALE, SALE going on in my shop right now. More things will be listed as soon as I can! I'm cleaning out my stash making room for new things...gettum while there hot!
~ Market Basket isn't as bad as I thought...went there today and got about double what I'd get at Hannafords for less $$$$.
~ I truly love bartending and can't believe how much I missed it.
~ My legs are horribly pale.
~ The post lady at our local post office is the monster from Monster's Inc. who says 'You forgot to turn in your paper work last night'....envision please with sound effects ta-boot.
~ I can be mean.
~ Sorry!

Have yourselves a lovely day!


hello friends...

I'm back.
I needed a little break from life and somehow recounting my day when blogging felt like rubbing the dirt right back in my face.
I'm OK.
I know we all go through the ups and downs...it just sucks, doesn't it!!!!
I've always been a pretty moody person.
Strong personality.
Sharp tongue.
I hate that about myself and hate that I have to work SO hard at keeping a lid on my stress level.

Some of my 'fire' lately may be due to the fact that I've tried a homeopathic remedy for my migraines. I was told that some of the rage I've been experiencing could be due to the fact that my body is cleaning itself out.

On the plus side I should have gotten at least three-four migraines since taking this remedy and I haven't!!!! I love the prescribed medication I've been taking for the past year and a half...Maxalt. It's been the only thing that can even touch the intense pain. It just scares me that the long term side affects could be really bad news. I'm all for going the natural route...amen!

Sew. My machine s_it the bed...just when I need it the most. I took it to the Dr. yesterday so hopefully it's nothing too serious. I've become addicted to making patchwork pillows. Addicted! I love them and have already made five and can't wait to make more!!! I've also made some new things for the shop that have yet to be sewn...waiting in the wings.

Camera. I'm ready for a really good camera. Mine is great for certain things but I feel really held back. I need your advice ladies...what kind do you have? Lenses you use most often? I'm only dreaming about getting a new camera at this point but it's good to start looking :)

What's up with the pacifier? The gooky fairy came late Wednesday, May 13th after I had gotten home from a long night at work. She whispered in my ear that Stella would be allowed to hold onto her gooky for a little longer under the condition that the gooky stay on the bed. Guess what? Stella has been doing AMAZING!!! I'm so proud of her and feel like this was the right decision for us. She totally abides by the rules. She had her yearly Dr. appointment on Monday and I didn't even bring it with me knowing there could possibly be a shot involved...thank goodness there wasn't :)

School. FOUR weeks left of school...SAY WHAT? I can't believe it! I've got major, major worries that I may have to pull Zoe out of school for fourth grade. I won't know who her teacher is until the last day...GOD, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's in the right class. I can't stand that some teachers are allowed to remain teaching long after their time should be up. My thoughts if she doesn't get Mrs. K? Private school, Waldorf school, Home schooling (not by me...are you nuts?), charter Art school? It'll be a scramble not being able to make plans until mid June but I'll do it.

Summer. We've got big plans this summer and I can't wait!!! We're heading out West to visit my sisters who live in Telluride, Colorado!!! I haven't been since getting stranded there during the week of 9/11. Scary stuff. We were actually scheduled to be on one of the planes that didn't make it but our flights got changed :O I still remember that day like it was yesterday. It's taken my this long to fly again.

Ok. I'm off to do stuff :) It's going to be in the 90's today!!! I was tempted to pull Ruby out of school to go to the beach but she had invited a new friend over and I didn't want to cancel on her. I've already got steak tips marinating in some terryaki Soy Vay, fresh corn on the cob waiting to by peeled, and baby mixed greens ready for a yummy salad. Dinner is done and done and it's not even 10:00am yet!

Boy. I sure do wish I had my sewing machine!!!!


ps. Martha Stewart is having a 20% off sale until May 31st online. I just stocked up on some great Halloween and Christmas decorations that were already on sale...pennies spent! Go shop!!!


Running away.

Today and sadly like most days I feel like a terrible mother. I try hard but can't control my temper. I feel like I've lost control on EVERYTHING. I don't enjoy cooking like I used to. It's a chore just like everything else. I don't remember the last time I laughed. My house is ALWAYS dirty. I can't keep up. I feel overwhelmed and miserable. I'm angry all the time. I feel like I'm going to burst with hot lava. I try deep breathing. Counting to 10. I don't know what to do :(


Stella Mae...

I LOVE this girl!
Today she is three.
She'll be three for 364 more days this year.
I'm sure they'll be filled with loads of fun and loads of trouble.
I wish I could freeze this moment in time because she's nearly perfect.
Still dependent yet independent.
I love her innocence.
I love her goofy silliness.
I love that she REALLY loves her Mama :)
I love her sassy comebacks (I'd loathe them if she were three years older).
I love her sweet little voice.
I love the way she smells.
She's my girl and I love her.
Happy birthday sweet Nonny!


Goodbye two...

It's been real.
This was Stella's last full day as a two year old.
We had a great afternoon playing at the school...she was livin' it up :)

Now onto the big kid stuff.

In case you were wondering...We held off on the gooky fairy because Sunday was Mother's day ;) Hey, I'm grasping at straws here and will use whatever excuse I can get...I don't want to get rid of the darn thing, I don't!!! I tried to convince Craig that we should wait until later on in the week but he made a good point. Tomorrow we'll be celebrating her being a 'big girl' so what better way to make a point than to do it tomorrow night. Wednesday's going to S.U.C.K. but guess what? I'm working! HA! Sorry babe...have fun getting her night night...no, I mean it...have fuuuuuuunnnnnnn!



Thank you...

Just a shout out to all my lovely blog readers :)
I just want you to know how much your words of encouragement mean to me. SO MUCH!!! You make me feel like I have my own little cheering section just rooting for me along the way. I get the big eye roll when I say 'my bloggy friends' do this or said that...like you don't exist!!! HA, as if!!! I'm not a girl that has a million friends...never have. I'm somewhat of a loner. I'm not a 'play-date' mom...I have stressed on many occasions when I've had to pretend to be that mom. I hate small talk. I'm not a good pretender though Craig says some of my performances are Oscar worthy ;)

I love that you listen. I love that you care to comment. I love that you make me laugh. I love the ideas you give me. Your creativity inspires me. So, thank you my lovelies!!! I adore you :)



I can't believe Stella will be three in four days! She will, she really will! Time sure has flown...OK, ready for another one


The 'gooky' fairy (aka the pacifier fairy) will be visiting our house Sunday night...oh please pray for me!!! I've got three MAJOR events to deal with concerning Stella and that is just one. I hope the old saying is true, 'it'll hurt me more than it'll hurt you'. It'll break my heart knowing how much she loves that darn thing! I don't really mind her having it but there are others who make their opinions known ;)

I figure once that's gone maybe she'll want to potty train. She wants NOTHING to do with it now and I'm starting to get worried! She's set to go to school two days a week (for two and a half hours) in September and she HAS to be potty trained...yikes!

Lastly, I HAVE to get her out of our bed!!! I don't know what to do, I don't know how to do it! If anyone has any ideas PLEASE help!! I don't want to hear 'I told you so' or 'You should have never let her sleep with you in the first place'...ANYTHING along those lines will be met with deaf ears. Comments like that aren't really useful, you know? I'm looking for helpful advice...OK?

Alright, I'm off to get ready for work! Anyone local want to come visit me??? I'll make you a really, REALLY good cocktail!!!