team up thursday...

i'm quite lucky to have such an understanding partner
goodness knows i've had better months
her patience is so appreciated!
we did 'letters' this week.
mine is from an old-school mechanic shop
near my house.
i love that the blues match...eye popping.
jenny's T is great...i would have never thought to do that!!!
i think the two shots together look great!


goodnight molly...

it's time.
our sweet, beautiful, brindle english mastiff
must go off to play with sam, megs, juba...
she was our first 'kid'.
our $2100 dog.
the dog that i financed :O
the dog that had health insurance when we didn't.
the dog whose slobber defied the laws of gravity time and time again.
the dog that had a different bark for different occasions.
the dog that protected us,
made us feel safe,
she will be leaving us at 5:30 tonight
so when that sun sets
just over those hills,
think of her running free
send her off with loads of blessings.
she will be missed beyond measure...
she was some dog.


in the stands...

the same shot can make you feel differently
depending on the editing...
see what i mean???
little sister is busy having her snack and cheering biggest sister on!
go zoe!



been neglecting it over here...
some random shots over the past few days.
peace out ;)


ah haaa!
proof i do have a middle child.
presenting the mysterious,
hates to have her picture taken,
queen of the instigators



my baby is four.
she is the baby that calmed me (no easy task).
she is the baby that made me slow down (i know everything i do is fast!)
she is the baby who is now a big girl...
who informed me this morning that 'all that baby stuff has got.to.GO!'
i don't want any of my babies to grow up...
but watching them do so is amazing and i am proud.
proud of who they are and how tender their hearts are.
happy birthday sweet stella.

tremendous spirit.
enormous heart.
laughs a ton.



'you can't see me!'
not at all.

the shot that made my heart stop.
her personality is spilling out of those eyes!!!!

goofy girl in her weddin' dress.
love the veil ;)
have a good day.


yellow matters

when you're in a field of flowers
with the birds singing above...
you forget about everything that doesn't matter
and remember those that do.


a girl and her make up...

i was loving the light under the table
and was going to keep it a mystery as to what
was going on on top of the table
but it was just too cute.
take note ladies...
a little horizontal blush on the forehead will be the new trend to watch ;)