new etsy...

just listed today! an owl series...i'm so in love with owls!! soon to come a monster series inspired by none other than halloween!! stay tuned!



getting ready for a golf cart ride...

r and willy go for a swim...


these guys are loud...

s outside the turkey house...

the turkeys: thanksgiving, christmas and easter...

the girlies...

we went to our friends house this afternoon...they live right around the corner so we got to stay in the neighborhood and enjoy all the comforts of home. andrea has a beautiful house with a TON of land. they have the biggest garden i've ever seen and we got to pick a ton of corn to bring home for dinner...thanks A!!
the girls went swimming, rode bikes, went for a golf cart ride (a few times), had a great snack and tuckered themselves out quite nicely.
got home...threw burgers on the grill and took R and S out for ice cream since Z is sleeping at her bff's house. i finished up designing some tees which will be sewn and put in the shop tomorrow!
it was a fun day!

plum news...

special order all ready for wrapping

a gift for one of hubby's fabulous clients

i'm getting so much better at this and enjoying every minute of it! i'm loving the coordinating tags that will come with each plum tee! each order will come wrapped with tissue and tied with a bow. have i told you lately i LOVE making these!!! i don't care if i ever have a sale just as long as i get to add a bit more cuteness to the world :)

more updates later...just had to share!



plum updates...

i'm in the process of stocking up my long sleeved tee supply and will be ordering some dresses to add to the line. at the moment my machine is acting up so progress in the sewing department is on the slow side...designing continues but i am getting back logged. if you've placed an order just know i have not forgotten you! most likely your tee's are waiting in the wings for their completion. i'm planning on dropping my new friend (viking 170) off to be looked at tomorrow so will be lost until later next week. argghhhh...this is so frustrating!!! until then i'll be doing what i can but the sewing is sllllloooowwww.
update: took my machine into portsmouth and before jill even checked me in she said 'i know what your problem is'...oh happiness she was right. i'm back to work and crossing my fingers that her tricks continue to work!!


today's the day...

Z started school!!!
her second day being 8 and her first day of 3rd grade.
do you think she was excited?
look at that smile.
her outfit.
carefully planned.

just before leaving for school...
R clinging to Z's arm...that's Z's BFF on the right.

reunited with the ones she loves...

Z's not going to let anything happen to R!

geesh mom, you can leave!


i don't know about lauren but Z is so psyched!

bell just rang...

R starts next week.
can't wait!


some pix...


so much to do...

and so little time to do it! today has been a crazy nutty day...one i'd rather dismiss entirely. you can read about that over at my new blog devoted entirely to me whining here. i'll try and keep 'i love plum' light and colorful and devoted to all things lovely :)

i had a TON to get off my chest (dirty laundry) so have used up my puter time to getting my therapy off the ground.

we're back from the cape and had a great time beaching it and getting eaten by bugs...maybe some of my cape post should be over at my other blog ;) got home last night and we've been straight out all day...tomorrow should be no different. guess who's turning 8 tomorrow????? can't believe my baby is 8!!!

this is a quickie just to let you know i haven't forgotten you and am so grateful you check on me!!! things should quiet down in the next couple of days and i'll post something with quality. till then i'll leave you with a couple of pix! xo


this and that...

hula monkey goes surfing

made these for the shop though at this point i'm just waiting to get some inventory of long sleeved tee's to work on!! i've still got a ton of tanks and short sleeved tee's so hence the big sale :)
we're leaving for our annual trip to the cape tomorrow! i'm psyched, the kids are psyched and despite what he says, c is psyched too! we'll be right next to the beach with nothing to do but chill and enjoy our girlies, the sun, sand and salt water!!!
i've got a laundry list of things to blog about but it'll have to wait...i'll try and sneak some blogging in in the morning but in case i don't....have a great few days...i'll be back sunday!! xoxo

huge sale!!!!

and actually until i say so!!!
$5 off all tanks and short sleeved tee's and onesies!
{ i have to say the tee's are great as a layer and look adorable over long sleeves:)}
* please wait for revised invoice before paying *
ps. tell everyone you know!



here there are! i'm just glad i don't have to wear them all the time!
note: expect another post later today...too much to do right now!! xo


this time last year...

z was missing her front tooth.

s barely had any hair and couldn't walk without support.

r still looked so much like a toddler (even then hated having her picture taken).

i've been so reflective lately. maybe it's the reality that my girls are growing, evolving, changing. i see it everyday and i'm powerless to stop it. it makes me truly sad. certainly there are days (many, many days) that i just wish the hours would pass quickly and bedtime would be upon me. i hate those days because now when all is peaceful and the girls are playing nicely i'm wishing them back. so often i'll end my day thinking about how hoarse my voice is from the yelling, how tired i am from constantly picking up after everyone and never really seeing a difference, how my life was before having children. it's during these moments of weakness i feel like a terrible mom. i cry myself to sleep with shame and utter disdain for my sharp tongue and selfish thoughts. thankfully those moments of chaos are fleeting as are my longing thoughts of my life pre-children. i wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world. i just need to remind myself every once in a while that i'm doing something bigger than i ever thought possible. i'm a mom.


this girl...

oh how i wish i could freeze this moment in time.
she loves me,
she trusts me,
she believes in me,
she wants me,
she needs me,
she listens to me.
you can actually see her thinking,
her expressions are genuine,
her words are clear,
she's thoughtful,
she's funny,
she loves her sisters,
she loves her daddy,
she loves her mom,
little miss s,
you make me smile and my heart swell.