scenes from the city...

i know my posts have been inconsistent lately
that's life
i've taken on the motto
'i'll get to it when i get to it'
that's a pretty tough sentiment to live by when you're as controlling as i am.
i NEED to be in control and over the past year i've felt things are OUT of my control.
hard pill to swallow but little by little i am
craig and i got away to our much loved and missed 'bean' town last weekend.
it was my birthday
i turned 25
we loved every minute of it
we realized that even after being together for 15 years we still really like each other
that's hard to say for a lot of married couples so i count ourselves as lucky
i'm certainly not the easiest person to be with and frankly neither is he :O
we had an amazing dinner at mistral
where we were treated like royalty
and we laid our heads at the inn at st botolph
picked out my own birthday cake from flour
and shopped at trader joes
the escape from the daily grind was awesome but some things never change
i actually like the daily grind
i'm a routine kind of gal i guess
peace out peeps
until next time


today i'm just going to be....


running on empty..

i've felt like running.
running away,
running towards,
running and running and running
until i can catch my breath
and run some more...
back again.