my mess...

I've been up to my eyeballs in fabric today!
Trying to get five tee's designed and sewn in one day is no easy task! I accomplished all the designing and was able to get two sewn so far (it's just about 6pm) so we'll see if I can get at least one more done tonight. I'd love to get this order out by tomorrow afternoon!

The top photo is just a fraction of the mess that is my 'office' (cough, dining room table) and the bottom pic is Miss S making use of my measuring tape to take her baby for a walk....naked. You should have seen this child...running around at top speed 'giving baby a ride'....DSS....she DID NOT learn this from me!

Today's Sparklies:
  • Got an encouraging email from one of my husbands clients...thanks!
  • Made five cute tee's that will be ready to ship tomorrow.
  • Making matzo ball soup for dinner...yum!
  • Happy Birthday Steve!
  • I have a HUGE container of chocolate in my kitchen :)
  • Two more hours till the girlies bedtime.


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