i did it!!!
really didn't think it would happen!!!
it'll be in the mail soon :)
peace mon!


two kids down 
one to go...
maybe i will get our christmas card done this year!
an out take from our shoot this afternoon
(and this is the one who hates the camera)


a new day...

woke up this morning after a fit-full sleep
the dog was barking until all hours
thoughts swirling around and around in my head
didn't think i was going to get any rest
thought for sure i could feel my head pounding at 5 am
i rose out of bed before daylight and found that 
welcomed me
i felt relief
perhaps it was the tears i shed last night
my words heard
my heart listened
i will take each day as it comes
as my man does
i will dip into my craft 
and shrug off the bad stuff
the stuff i can't control


i know i've been gone 
my hope is with a new year just around the corner
i will feel like a fresh start is in order.
there are so many things about this past year i just want to forget
and so i do
ignoring them.
i haven't wanted to visit all those happy blogs in my sidebar,
haven't wanted to post lately because 
i don't want to be debbie downer.
i'm working through something inside myself that just takes time.
i want to keep it real around here and 
posting the fa-la-la's of my day seem like a lie.
i'm not a liar.
i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i get swept up in the christmas spirt