Holy smokes, where did the time go? Halloween is next week! The girls have their school Halloween party this Saturday and Ruby will be in a 'character' parade next week with her class. Ru decided to be Angelina Ballerina. Perfect! We already have leotards, tights, ballet slippers...we definitely had tutu's but Ruby wanted a rainbow one so whatever Miss Ruby wants, she gets! Made the nose out of an egg carton, hot glue, pom pom, ribbon and pipe cleaners. Made the ears out of a headband, pipe cleaners, sparkly stuff and more recycled egg carton. She loves her get up and can't wait to wear them 'for real'. Now I've got to come up with something 'Miley Cyrus-ish' for Zo...shouldn't be too hard...I saved some of the super funky stuff I used to wear bartending on Lansdowne Street. Sweet Stella will either pick and choose out of our dress up collection, be a one-eyed green furry monster or perhaps I'll grab her something at Target :)

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carissa... brown eyed fox said...

Angelina Ballerina... how clever is THAT! love it!
she's so flipping cute!