sacked out after a 15 min drive :O
sleeping on daddy is like sleeping on a cozy cloud


waiting patiently for lunch to come

i heart this shop
they always have the best windows

heading towards the main attraction
can you guess?

still playing catch up...
we took a quick trip to portsmouth saturday
had lunch and did a little birthday shopping
then zoomed home for me to get ready for work
it was such a nice day
i could have stayed there forever.


random, smandom....

clearly loads of catching up to do beginning with field day
at the girls school

it was hot out
but everyone was happy

just a little healthy competition
where everyone had f.u.n.

watching these two cracked me up

ruby doing her thang'

a few days later we took our first trip of what will be many to
butternut farms
one of my most favorite places to go,
we picked 18lbs of strawberries!!!!

ruby's a born farmer

the man of the bunch treating the girls to a lil' ride ;)

later that same day we got a furious storm
stella was scared
but intent on watching the 'show'


and happily took part in a lil' old fashioned puddle jumping.


team up thursday...

'golden light'
top as portrayed by jenny
happy thursday to you.



i've been mia.
and this is why.
very busy.

he's a good pup.
his breed is a mystery
nobody seems to know for sure.

i know you think i'm crazy
and i certainly won't argue you there.
it's just that this guy needed us
perhaps just as much as we needed him.


team up thursday...

water, water, everywhere!
our theme this week.
kids + summer = swimming!
lessons won't be far behind for my girl!
happy thursday!



stella was invited a friends birthday party today...it was at a country club. we happily obliged.
the water was uber cold and not meant for mommies. i didn't even bother wearing my suit. i had zero intention of getting wet, there for why bother with the spandex. kwim? luckily my girl wasn't a huge fan of the water and only got as far as her knees. she opted instead to play with her friend kate who she has declared her 'bff'. love hearing that from a four year olds mouth. adorable. sweetly enough miss kate will be in stella's class again next year...phewww!

they had loads to talk about. in between the chatter a few games of 'patty-cake' were played. they marked it with an X and put in the oven for you and me ;)

they look deep in gossipy conversation. i can just picture this exact shot ten years from now. stella pickin' a wedge, smacking her gum, looking over her shoulder at ryan...making sure he's noticing her cuteness. it's SO going to happen.

and off they go. to get cake. because when you're four, going to get cake while holding your best friends hand is all that really matters. especially when the said cake is pink.

peace out.


so long peeps!
i'll see you around.
have a great summer!
see you when we're the BIG kids of the school.
today was the last official day of preschool
i know, i know,
graduation was last week
but they always follow graduation with a final day to say 'see ya!'
this girl went from shy, clingy and antisocial
outgoing, full of personality and loving her lil' friends.
this is the last full week for the big kids...
can't wait for summer to begin!!!


it's thursday!

jenny and i chose 'lines' as our theme this week
i'm in love with these two shots together!
that kitty is too cute!
any locals know where my shot is taken from??


class of 2010...

baby girl
graduated her 3 year old class!
she's got years and years of homework, tests, and projects
ahead of her
one more year of preschool bliss...
thank goodness!


we're just hanging around like monkeys today
hot and humid
swinging in the breeze...


i love it when it thunders
and i have nowhere to go...


a lot...

i've been ignoring a lot of stuff lately...
phone calls,
i'm trying to get myself motivated but everywhere i look there's something i want to hide.
piles of paper,
bread that's gone moldy,
i've got dreams.
big dreams...
the ones that make your chest feel constricted because those dreams just aren't happening now.
do you know the ones?
the ones that can't come fast enough and you just can't figure out a way to make them a go.
i find my mind gets caught up in such crazy, debilitating thoughts
that stop me dead in my tracks.
oil spills,
children killing children,
negative crap...

the reason i NEVER watch the news
but somehow my ignorant bliss is interrupted by
blips on the radio,
the internet,
the bar.
i just want to be a kid again
and worry instead whether i should ride my bike or go on the swings.


bistro 5

just a few shots from my bistro 5 shoot...

bistro 5
5 playstead road
medford, ma 02155