if you give a baby dinosaur a cheerrio...

if you give a baby dinosaur a cheerrio
chances are he'll go to great lengths to get another one.
he'll push the chairs out from the kitchen table-
which will remind him
 how you were sitting there this morning eating something tasty in a bowl
 and how you so sweetly gave him just one to taste-
he'll look around and won't know you're watching
because if you're watching you won't be paying attention to the dishes you're doing
and if you're not paying attention to the dishes you are doing
chances are he could casually make his way up without you noticing.
and if you didn't notice then 
just maybe 
he could get said cheerrio
that's been left
and when he gets said cheerrio
it'll remind him that 
it was you who gave him that tasty bite this morning
and that's when he'll realize
he's on top of the kitchen table
while you're watching-
if you give a baby dinosaur a cheerrio 
chances are 
he'll do what he has to do to get another one-
getting caught be damned ;0

*based loosely on the if you give a mouse a cookie book


clowning around...

dogs:  have been bolting every time they see a squirrel...for the second day in a row they broke free from me when i was walking them and they were gone for a good hour.  when they finally showed up they smelled horrific!  i tried to get the bad boys into the tub to no avail.  they've been on lock-down since.  dad will have to wash them when he gets home (he'll be psyched).  despite my best efforts my house smells like a barn.
ruby:  i got home a little early from work last night and was able to see the girls before they went to sleep.       ruby said : 'mom, the kids asked me why i had to stay back in second grade' me: 'yeah?  what did you tell them?'  ruby:  'that my mom said it was the perfect place for me'  me:  'that's a great answer ruby!  do you feel like it's the perfect place for you?'  ruby:  'yes but can i skip third grade' :)



senior pix...

my friend asked me if i'd take her son's 
senior pix
i was flattered to say the least
i was a nervous wreck
woke  up way too early second guessing myself
i'd never taken 'pro' pix before
i'm pretty darn happy with how they came out!
these two made my first time super easy
what good kids
hope they like!


the 72 buick...

i wish i could say this beauty was ours
it's a 72 buick gran sport
with a 455 motor
to me that means nothing other than the fact that 
i was two when this car came out
and that the motor is 455lbs ;)
craig's dad is restoring this girl
the body still needs work but the interior is almost done
while i was at work saturday 
craig and the girls cruised hampton 
pretending the car was theirs
eating fried dough
and getting big thumbs up by all the spectators
who wished the car was theirs too