how cool are these treats?

Halloween. I'm pretty sure the girls could take it or leave it. Yes, they're super psyched for the candy but every year it's like pulling teeth to get them dressed and out the door. I was scrambling like crazy to find warm clothes and outfits they'd actually want to wear. One day they tell me they're going to be one thing (and that's what I plan on) and then the day of, they switch on me! Crazy. They.drive.me.crazy!
Ruby is supposed to be a lady bug in a garden (I made her wear snow pants last night it was sooo cold!). Zoe is supposed to be Miley Cyrus (Craig and I thought she looked more like a glamour girl). Little Miss Stella is a Kangaroo that hops around saying 'ribbit, ribbit'!
Hit the whole neighborhood and got home in time to look at the loot, have two pieces of candy, brush teeth and go night-night.
I've been working on hand towels for the shop and will post those soon :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you used their whole names!

Did you see what I had to say about Halloween on my Facebook album? My kids change their minds, too.