A little Betty Crocker...

mixed with a little Rock n' Roll.
We'd been talking about blueberry pie in this house for the past couple of days...luckily I had frozen some fresh Butternut Farm blueberries this summer so I had plenty to work with.

and I made this little number for a Rocker friend of ours...there's a little Italian flag on the sleeve :)

The girls spent TWO hours outside today....let me hear you say wooo hooo!!!
I loved that they were getting some fresh air and who are we kidding...I loved the quiet.
Tomorrow we're off to celebrate a friends 40th b'day. Should be fun and it's just around the corner...yeah!
Hope you're having a great weekend!


AnniKae said...

my hubby is impressed w/ the blueberry pie. He loves the heart.

i love plum said...

lol! xo

Anonymous said...

That pie just looks so dang good! Treat!!!!!!


Natasha said...

NICE pie. I love the artsy randomness to the lines with the heart over top. I think I might make a pie just to do something artistic to the top.

Oh my. The captcha for me to type in is cryon= cry on. Have you SEEN yesterday's blog post? That's a weird coincidence. That blogger captcha NEVER spells an actual word or sentence.