call me...


Deluded even.


A dreamer.


Or just positive.

I went out and stocked up on tee's (big sale), more fabric (fed the addiction), new supplies (can't stop the flow of ideas).


I know I should be scared of the impending doom that the CPSIA has looming over the handmade community but I.don't.care! I'm going to plug on and do what I do. My thought is if/when this law passes it'll be met with outrage and it'll be overturned...at least I hope. It makes me sad to hear/see all these shops on Etsy closing down or offering up their merch at deep discounts. All that hard work. Blood, sweat and tears...down the drain.
I'm filling up my shop with lots of new goodies and I'll continue to until it becomes illegal :(


ConnieK said...

Fight the power! Do not give in like so many shops have, all those people who are just ready to give up are going to be kicking themselves in the butt when the gov't sets actual regulations. You make beautiful things and should not stop!!!!!

AnniKae said...

You GO girl...way to put out the positive vibe! You've just inspired me to start making more children sized aprons.
p.s. I'm lovin' your etsy addict blog. It's always fun to see the fun creations you find.