Lady love playing in the sink :)

A bit of sweetness from this awesome etsy shop.
The wrapping. So beautifully done and with care.

How darling is that? I just love it!

Holy scraps!
This is what I have to sift through every time I make anything...It's a total nightmare. It's in one of those HUGE storage containers. The sad or good thing about this craziness is that it's only a fraction of my fabric...huhhh, did someone say fabric? Love.

An embarrassing continuance to my mess.
Hey! I'm a messy crafter what can I say?

Another version of Fig for an order.



My house is filled to the rim with all the estrogen I can take so I'm keeping it brief. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow after I finish up an order. I've got a serious to-do list in the works and if I share it maybe I'll feel obligated to stick with it...ya know?


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Anonymous said...

Your scrap pile looks delicious. ;)

I'm so happy you got your package and that you like it! :):) You're the best. :)