I'm totally rushing....

I still haven't caught up from all the things I didn't do but should have done during school vacation and now, I'm totally paying the price. To add insult to injury I have so many new things I'm going to be trying out and have in the works that my real life is paying the price. My house. is. a. mess!
Just after Christmas I had ordered supplies to make hair clips for my shop. It seems this is a trend right now and not a very original idea. I'm doing it anyways! The stuff has arrived and I started playing a few nights ago. Who knew covering buttons could be so much fun! I've also been busy cleaning out my shop and updating pictures. I have a long way to go...it's SO time consuming!
I had my 100th sale on Etsy two days ago and this is HUGE for me! I'm really nervous about what's going to happen with this new law that's set to go into effect in February. It could mean shut down time!
Read about it here:

I've got to run...I know, lame post but I missed a day or two and I was starting to feel like something was missing!!!


ShoozieShoes said...

Hey there!
You are the second person to blog about the new law today. It does sound ominous for us all, doesn't it? I have heard that there is a Storque article about one-of-a-kind items being exempt. I am certainly going to try and find it!

ShoozieShoes said...

Here's the link. http://www.etsy.com/storque/craftivism/cpsia-updates-and-calls-to-action-3157/

Hang in there!

i love plum said...

thank you talented lady! i'm going to keep plugging away and not give up. xoxo

AnniKae said...

Love the new little mouse. So cute. The new law has to be revised!!! Too many good people will be affected in a negative way.