25 random things about me...

I've been tagged so many times with this thing both here and on Facebook so here you go!
  1. I actually like doing these types of lists...they're like taking a test and knowing all the answers.
  2. I married my best friend even though his family is convinced I'm a victim of Stockholm syndrome.
  3. I've lived in New York, Miami, Paris and Milan...it was the loneliest time of my life.
  4. I had an eating disorder for several years and can't imagine what kind of long term damage that may have caused me (no worries people...I'm naturally thin...I eat a ton!)
  5. I love whoopie pies and cupcakes.
  6. My children are proof to me of 'pure love'.
  7. I like to be alone.
  8. Once I decide something (could be something I want to buy, make, clean) I have to do it or I'll obsess over it until I do.
  9. I love watching MMA and UFC with my husband.
  10. I buy my girls a little treat almost every time I go anywhere.
  11. My sisters are my best friends.
  12. I don't let many people get too close to me...not sure why.
  13. I still remember my grandfather who died when I was about Zoe's age.
  14. I think wanting to be like my grandfather is why I ran competitive track all those years...(he was an Olympian :)
  15. I suffer from migraines.
  16. I voted with the democratic party for the first time in my life this year.
  17. Bartending was the best job of my life.
  18. I refuse to go into pet stores...(I made that mistake ONE time and ended up walking out with a financed $2100 dog because she looked at me with pleading eyes)
  19. From what I've read I'm a 'true' Scorpio.
  20. I know that if someone ever laid an inappropriate hand on my children I would live the rest of my life behind bars.
  21. I am a better writer when I'm angry.
  22. I played the violin.
  23. I don't remember my first kiss or who it was with?
  24. I love to sew.
  25. If we could afford it I'd totally go for #4.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you're so good!
once that tagging starts... boy howdy... it catches FAST!

i can not seem to come up with mine... a friend told me... just start typing... it will flow!

i loved this... learning more about you!

your grandfather... that is SO neat... SO awesome! wow!

i might have to steal one of your answers... :)... it pinned me too like crazy... #8.

i am supposedly on a cusp?
saggitarius & scorpio?

gina said...

Stockholm syndrome. That is funny!
A few of yours match mine. But I'll come up with a list over on my blog.
I had an eating disorder for several years too, none too long ago-and dealing with long term damage that caused me. I wonder if the ED will ever totally go away. I don't act on it anymore, but haven't got to where I love how my "healthy" (and not skeletal) body looks. But it is progress.
I like to be alone too.
My sisters are my best friends.
I suffer from migraines.
I am a better writer when I'm angry. The kind of things I don't want people to read though.

AnniKae said...

Thanks for sharing...these tags are always hard to do for me. My sister was a bartender during college and she said she could probably make more $ doing that than what she got her degree in. I'll bet the stories you heard ranked right up there w/ my job as a hairstylist.

AnniKae said...
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ShoozieShoes said...

Loved reading this! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What is stolkhom syndrome? lissipoo xo