It happened.
After mothering children for a little over eight years, it happened.
Lost in my own little world of tra-la-las...
Tallying what had to get sewn, wondering how long had that laundry in the washing machine been there, did the fire need another log, can I skip a day of vacuuming without living in squalor, how am I going to make dinner when nothing sounds good.
It happened.
I cut the da_n crust off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!
I plated the darn thing putting the crusts on the side as if an accompaniment to go along with. Clearly not in my right mind...Now realizing my mistake and what kind of world this was going to lead me in...I hesitated. Considering even as to whether or not I should toss the tasty thing to the birds...but then I thought about the hungry and couldn't do it.
I then said a silent little prayer that maybe, just maybe little Miss S. wouldn't notice the rough part of her sandwich missing in it's usual place. I was hoping she'd take her usual one bite and be done. That I'd have to give her a 'zipper' bag to carry around with her all day until unrecognizable. But that's not how this little story is going to go.
Oh no.
She ate that thing up like it was made of fine chocolate.
God help me...I don't want to be a crust less Mom!


AnniKae said...

Lol! You jUst made my whole day.

kim* said...

LOL :)

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest mom story! Love it....mleigh xo