A couple new things that will get listed in the shop :)


This dress is Stella's current fave. She wears it as soon as it's clean...doesn't matter that it's a Summer frock. She'll wear to bed, for dress-up, with jeans...any ol' time. Good thing I also have it in a size 5.

I caught you Ruby!!!!
Don't you just love her get-up? This seems to be her fave when playing 'fairy'. See my awesome Christmas present hanging on the wall?? I love that the tree is over the fairy door :)

Two silly fairies trying to fly.

One in flight.

Two in flight.

Hanging with da homeys.

Look, it's Ruby too!

Going to try and do some house work today and stay away from my 'office'. I've got loads of laundry to do and other nasty chores waiting in the wings.
Have a good Sunday!


Jessica said...

cute little fairy girls! :o)

Anonymous said...

ugh! I know all about nasty chores waiting for me!!
Your Fairies are adorable. :) Looks like my Maddy's get-up. :)
And I think I'll be buying something from your shop soon...my cousin just had a baby and your stuff is way too cute to pass up!

Becca Nelson said...

Wow, love your blog and your entire store! You have super cute stuff. I love your positive outlook! Found you through the etsy forums. Great stuff!!!

Almay Alday said...

Great pictures!