I thought I'd share with you some of the kiddos art from around the house. There is SO much of it...everywhere! This is just a taste :)


I covered this lampshade this morning....I love the way it turned out...you'd die though if you knew how I did it and what it looks like from underneath....Martha would NOT be proud ;)

I resurrected my little boy with a boo boo for an order and I just love the way he turned out!
I know a to-do list was supposed to be posted today but I became overwhelmed when writing it and just erased it. I should know by now that just by ignoring something it won't go away. Here are only a couple of things that need to get done sooner than later.
  1. I need to get Stella out of our bed. I've vowed during February vacation this will get done. It's going to be a rough week. NOT looking forward to this.
  2. I need to start the potty training process with Miss S. She'll be starting Preschool in September and can't go with a diaper on. Gosh, I can't believe my baby is going to school already!
  3. I will need the 'gooky' (aka pacifier) fairy to make a visit to Miss S. someday soon...again, not looking forward to this.


Uggghhh...that totally sucked the life right out of me! I'm off to sew :)



gina said...

I'm totally laughing because 2 of your 3 things are on my MUST DO EVEN IF IT KILLS ME list. My little one, who is 2 is still in our bed, which I've NEVER allowed with my 2 older ones. My husband is no longer being a good sport about "baby"boy in the bed. I don't blame him a bit - yet how to break that bad habit and deal with the crying fits at night when we are all tired?? And I also need to take the bottle away once and for all, which will be traumatic like the pacifier. Help. Potty training is just around the corner.

We will have to trade tips and sanity savers. At least laughs. This mom job isn't easy is it? Yet, at the same time, the best job on earth?

I love your ART WALL!

Kristen said...

well, if martha isn't impressed (I'm sure she is)...I'm in love w/ your new lampshade. Job Well Done. And, the art gallery you have is too cute. My kids get so proud when their artwork makes it's debut on the fridge door. I need to do something more galleryish...

LoveCreations24 said...

The pics look great! I can't believe how much artwork you have. I always save mine - my little sisters and brothers draw and paint me pictures - they go right on the fridge!

Also I tried to follow you but there is no link to do it - or at least it won't let me click it =(

Kate said...

my first visit to your blog & I love it!! Your stuff is so cute!! The lamp shade looks great too! Come visit me sometime:)


Amy Jaz said...

I LOVE the new lampshade! Who's looking underneath anyway? To me, it's absolutely perfect.