Just checking in...

I haven't been very interesting lately...uhhh, am I ever?
I think I'm falling into a bit of the Winter blues.
I hate being cold unless I'm sleeping and I feel like I'm dragging my butt to do
I've got to get motivated!!!
I've got ideas I can't seem to articulate with fabric and it's driving me nuts.
Although I'm continuing to make new things I can't help but feel like 'what if it's a waste of time'? My emotions are like a roller coaster right now.

Meet Salmon.
I hope you can tell what he is, can you?
OK. I'm off to stick a chicken in the oven and to begin a new project!


gina said...

Sorry about your ho-hum feelings. I could ditto that feeling for quite some time now - but your cheery shirts brighten my day. I need to skip back to etsy to buy some for my nieces. Wish I had your talent for sewing. I love your stuff.

Arleen said...

This is the time of year I tend to get the doldrums, too. Just have to hang in there and look forward to sunny days and fun times.

And, yes, that's a baby harp seal and it is adorable!