A little something...

for Zoe.
Being a carpenter's wife I used what we had handy...wood as the canvas.
I custom mixed this great turquoise color (which is NOT reflected in the pic...sorry!) and used silver paint to do the words. Once that was dry I painted over the whole thing with glitter paint we had used in Ruby's room for one of her walls.
You can see a little sparkle, can't you?
Our sweet Zoe is SO hard on herself and has a hard time believing in herself. It makes us SO sad!
I thought a little reminder might do her some good.
It looks great on her wall...it's huge!
ps....we'll be painting her walls soon...that yellow is leftover from Stella's nursery :)

pps. thanks Crystal for the great idea!


Anonymous said...

cute picture! I love it:)

gina said...

what a great idea - and so sweet - she can lay there internalizing all those phrases.