Little Miss S is the only one I've been able to catch on camera lately.
Don't want anyone to think I'm playing favorites or anything!!! She was hamming it up last night for me without that darn 'thing' in her mouth...yes, even I'm sick of seeing her run around with her pacifier all the time.
I've started the 'gooky' fairy talk...prepping her for what's to come.
I'm still planning on waiting until she's 3 but it dawned on me that that will be in 4 months!!!

A little newness in the shop!
I've actually sewn the tulle on to the waistband...I love the way it came out...too cute!

A little something inspired by Scrabble :)
On another, sad note.
Please pray for this baby.
I can't get her out of my mind.
Everything that seemed like such a huge deal in my life is nothing in comparison to what Cora and her family are dealing with. Nothing.


Anonymous said...

Those little tulle skirst are so cute!!! Oh my!

Bethany said...

What a fun post!! LOVE your little tulle apron skirts! Those are DARLING!!

Glad to hear I am not the only one with a binky addict! Gentry will be three in July and while I know in my head that she should have lost is long ago, she is my baby and I can't seem to make the binky fairy come and get it!!

So I have to ask what that is on your daughter's head? A headband? A scarf? The fabric is so very fun!!

And I too have had sweet Cora and her family on my mind for days now...every single time I talk about her I lose it...my heart just breaks over and over again for each of them.

Anonymous said...

You and your little sweetie are so stinkin' cute!!!:):)
And OMG! I am loving those tutus.:)

i love plum said...

bethany...i had to cut the bottom of Ruby's jammie bottoms...Stella thought the scraps would make a great head band ;)

thanks all for the sweet comments as usual! xo

Bethany said...

They may be jammie bottoms but they sure are cute!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a brilliant artist, lou.

love, you know who xoxoxoxoxo