A couple of new things added to the shop.
I ordered supplies last week for something new I'm going to be trying out...I can't wait so do keep checking back!
So, what do you think of these pix?
I HATE the way I've been photographing my goodies up until now. I think I like this new set up. I need feedback so please be honest and speak up!

My sister is leaving for India tomorrow.
She's got amazing dreams that she just keeps following.
Too many of us sit on our duffs and wait for goodness to fall in our laps. She's a great example of someone who'll just 'go for it'. Pretty inspirational and a great role model for her nieces. Safe travels sweet Sister.
I'll miss you as will everyone else.


Lepore Lacing said...

Pam, I like this display setup the best. It makes the clothing items stand out more than other backgrounds.

AnniKae said...

I think it looks great...I really liked the other way as well. I'm no help. Your new shirt w/ the tree and the cute little bicycle underneath is Darling!