keeping the magic alive...

is absolutely one of the most important things i think i can do as a mom who hasn't introduced religion into the girlies lives. i'm not going to say 'why' exactly we haven't done this... it just hasn't drawn me/us in. i consider myself very spiritual...believing in magic, fairies, mother nature. i think of religion as something to believe in...so maybe my religion is fairies and magic...i don't know, maybe it's childish...but it's me. anyways, i digress.

our fairy door was installed a few days ago and since being installed, we've been waiting patiently for them to arrive. now granted, i do my part in keeping the magic fire lit when fielding questions from Z or R (S is still too young to get it)...i call monarch butterflies fairies, i carved the girlies initials into the only three pumpkins in our pumpkin patch and when asked by Z who could have done it i exclaimed with conviction 'the fairies'! i tell them fire flies are lanterns for lost fairies, that dragonflies are boy fairies, that heart rocks are worth a wish. you get my drift...the list goes on.

so, tomorrow on R's first day of Kindergarten and the start of Z's first full week of school...the fairies will have come. they've left fairy dust on the floor, a tiny bike for riding and three scrolls one each for the girls. tomorrow i'll post their reaction and what these scrolls said...so do stay tuned. i'd take a picture now but it's just too dark to do it justice...so you'll have to wait.

you can find these fantastic fairy doors here

sweet dreams!


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Kate K said...

That is the sweetest thing I have heard of. I might have to get a fairy door for xmas for E. LOVE IT!

I love magic, too. I still believe in Santa. Well, the magic of Santa. Too bad I'm stuck doing all the work. But - it's worth it.