it's been a crazy couple of days!

i've been on this cleaning kick for about a week now and these past two days have been no exception. we've talked about making S's room Z's room and moving R to the top bunk and S into the bottom bunk. being the control freak i am everything must be done before the actual move. meaning: i want to paint Z's new room, have the furniture we've been storing in the basement painted, swap out the girls clothes and toys and redecorate. C brought the furniture to his friends cabinet shop this morning to be professionally painted (thank you for this...takes a ton of work off my shoulders!)...so, at least one thing can get checked of my long to-do list!

so, i've been slacking BIG TIME on my plum treats! i just can't create comfortably when i know there's a mounting mess growing around me. i'm definitely feeling like getting back into the swing of things. i've been going back and forth with the idea of doing a craft fair or not. i did them a couple of years ago but that was when i was peddling SOMEONE else's things. the whole thing ended up leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth so that's why i hesitate. i know this time around i'd feel differently i'm just SO nervous!
okay, today's sparklies:
  • got a ton cleaned and organized this morning.
  • picked up mums and a couple of pumpkins after dropping the girls at school.
  • had a nice time at the park after school.
  • fall is definitely here.
  • going out with friends tonight and introducing them to my current fave: brazo.

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